AiM MyChron 14mm CHT Sensor Under Spark Plug 1 "a"


AiM MyChron 14mm CHT Sensor Under Spark Plug


AiM MyChron 14mm CHT Sensor - Underplug Air Cooled

Install this CHT Thermocouple between the head and spark plug (under the spark plug hex) to monitor temperatures ranging from 0 to 572 F (up to 300 C). Fits 14mm spark plugs. 0.7" thick sensing ring. 1 meter (40 inch) cable.

Aim 14mm CHT Sensor - One Piece

  • Manufacturer: AiM
  • Manufacturer part number: X05SOT14A4517BML
  • Alternate part number: MC-014
  • Use: Kart Cylinder Head Temperature
  • Connector 1: 14mm Under Spark Plug
  • Connector 2: 3 Pin 712 Thread-On Connector
  • Length: 1 Meter (40 Inch)

This is the Briggs LO206 temperature cable to go to your MyChron 4 or MyChron 5

This Cylinder Head Temperature sensor has a 3-pin 712 (screw-type) connector for use with the standard temperature input on AiM kart dashes or with the AiM TC Hub (Part No. AIM-MC-223). We also offer the same MyChron 14mm K-Type Cylinder Head Thermocouple (Part No. AIM-MC-007) with a flat two-pin connector.

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