Sparco Vintage Classic Racing Fire Suit FIA/SFI 1 "a"

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Sparco Vintage Classic Racing Fire Suit FIA/SFI

$699.00 $999.00 -31% OFF





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Sparco Vintage Classic Fire Suit

The Sparco Vintage Classic race suit combines retro racing looks with modern materials and design. FIA approval makes this suit ideal for classic car racing where you can look the part with piece of mind of having up to date protection and comfort.

  • Retro styling perfect for classic car racing

  • Made using modern materials giving you excellent comfort and flame protection

  • Lower back stretch panel provides a close fit without compromising comfort when seated

  • FIA 8856-2000 approval suitable for almost all levels of Motorsport

The box quilting and bold red stripes on this suit are a definite nod to suits used in the 60's and 70's , although this suit offers far more comfort and protection than suits from those days. Features such as pre-curved arms, soft knit collar and lumbar stretch panel make the Vintage Classic race suit very comfortable to wear with great freedom of movement. Two waist pockets and a concealed chest pocket provide storage for essential small items.

3 Layer (300-330 g/m² material weight)
FIA 8856-2000  and SFI 3.2A/5 approved


Lightweight and Comfortable 3-layer fabric

Pre-curved arms with elbow stretch panels

Fully floating knit sleeves

Multi-direction back stretch panels creates a full floating upper

Full side stretch panel

Inner thigh stretch panel

SFI approved



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