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Coolshirt Air Blower System


CoolShirt 235 CFM Air Blower System

With a full 235CFM of helmet cooling air, the CoolShirt helmet blower system deliver relief from the heat in your helmet. CoolShirt's ABS-C 235 CFM provides clean, fresh air to the racer's helmet from the racecar's outside intake.

CoolShirt 235 CFM Air Blower System Details:

  • Manufacturer: CoolShirt Systems
  • Manufacturer part number: 4200-0002
  • Manufacturer alternate part number: ABS-C-135
  • 235 CFM Blower w/ blue custom filter housing
  • 4ft x 1 1/2" diameter heavy duty clean air hose to go to your helmet
  • 3ft x 3" diameter heavy duty clean intake air hose to supply the blower
  • Silicone helmet connector for air hose
  • Metal screen for air filter
  • HEPA 4 micron air filter
  • Housing diameter: 4"

Cool Shirt delivers these new air systems to provide the versatility that many drivers need. Our Fresh Air Blower System provides HEPA-4 filtered, blower-enhanced air from the car's outside intake via air hose to the driver's helmet via an in-line 235 CFM Blower. Perfect for those applications that do not have room for a cooling unit.

The 235cfm blower is perfect for "hot blooded" drivers or for enduro drivers needing a cooler core temp when the cockpit temperature rises.

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