Ferodo FCP1563W DS1.11 Brake Pad - C5 Corvette Rear 1 "a"


Ferodo FCP1563W DS1.11 Brake Pad - C5 Corvette Rear


Ferodo FCP1563W DS1.11 Brake Pad

Ferodo FCP1563W-N in the DS1.11 compound became an instant favorite fitting the rear axle of the C5 Corvette Z06. Ferodo Racing has made great strides in pad development and DS1.11 is one of the best out there. For our customers who enjoy the performance of the DSUNO, but want a little more longevity, we recommend the DS1.11.

Ferodo FCP1563W Details:

  • Manufacturer: Ferodo
  • Manufacturer part number: FCP1563W
  • Pads in box: 4
  • Use: Track Days; Rally
  • Track day & light race use for all vehicle types
  • Average Coefficient of Friction: 0.46
  • Temperature Range (C): 200° - 750° C
  • Temperature Range (F): 394° - 1382° F

Ferodo DS1.11 Brake Compound Details:

The DS1.11 has a lower mu than the DS3.12 at all temperatures and can be characterized as a moderate mu pad vs. other endurance racing compounds. They require more pedal force than the DS3.12, and they have a slightly declining torque curve as temperatures rise. As they get hotter and you dive deeper into a turn, you may feel like you need to push a little harder on the brake pedal to elicit the same response (which is a feel many drivers actually prefer). Some drivers feel that the DS1.11 is more controllable on street tires than DS3.12 since ABS cannot be activated as easily. It will last a fairly long time vs. many other pad compounds on the market but does not last quite as long as the DS3.12. They are very gentle on discs at track temperatures when a proper pad transfer layer is maintained. The DS1.11 also has an outstanding max temp and fade resistance, just not quite as high as 3.12. We're not aware of anyone who has faded them, and most people differentiate between the DS1.11 and DS3.12 based on feel.

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