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Fueler Goggles


Fueler Goggles

Finally, a quality, track worthy fueler goggle! If you or anyone on your team has tried fueler goggles, you'll appreciate the amount of attention we pay to detail. With a single impact and scratch resistant lens and gaping vents to keep your eyes safe and fog free, we feel we've cracked the code on making the best fueler goggles on the market.

Fueler Goggle Details:

  • Manufacturer: DiscoveryParts
  • Manufacturer part number: 80050
  • Lens: Iridium
  • Strap: One, adjustable
  • Vents: Rear facing
  • Seal: Foam seal, top and bottom


Perhaps the most important part is the best looking part. We start with a blue iridium impact and scratch resistant lens to allow perfect vision for you while keeling sun glare to a minimum - comparable to expensive Oakley sport goggles. Using a single piece lens is more expensive to build but perfects the vision with no center area blind spot, making this the number one fueler goggle.


Vents face aft to prevent a fuel splash from getting to your eyes while keeping the lenses fog free and your face cool.


The adjuster strap is thick and elastic for ultimate comfort. The adjuster buckle can be adjusted to sit on the right or left side of the back of the head for easy, quick tightening and loosening. Most racers are right handed.

Foam seal:

The cushy foam seal that coats the inner lip of the goggles exists to protect your eyes from environment seeping in and to keep sweat from seeping down your face. This foam seal is super soft and comfortable.

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