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Roux Hans and Helmet Bag


Roux Hans and Helmet Bag

Roux's Hans Helmet Bag is durable, perfectly padded and is a perfect compliment to Roux's bold new helmet and gear bag line. The durable bag is expandable to fit just about any style of helmet and Hans device. The ventilated base helps keep your helmet dry and stink-free, while the soft neoprene lining protects the helmet's finish. An internal mesh pocket is perfect for small items such as earbuds.

The Roux Quick-Attach system lets you connect to the Roux Racer Utility Backpack ROU-RXB03-15542 easily. Roux luggage has been track and travel tested and ready for many years of safe transportation of your most important piece of racing equipment.

Roux Hans Helmet Bag Large Enough To Hold Your Roux and Hans Device:

Keeping your Roux helmet and Hans device together can make packing up for your next race weekend stress free. Know your Roux helmet and Hans device are safely together and safe during storage and transportation.

DiscoveryParts Pro Tip: Place a old washcloth or hand towel between your Hans device and helmet to keep your Hans grip pads from wearing your Roux helmet bottom gasket as it travels many miles to and from the track.

Roux Hans Helmet Bag Padded Interior:

Fully padded and ready to keep your prized Roux helmet safe, unscratched, and ready for your next win. The Roux GT helmet bag is lined with a plush micro-velvet padding to protect your best friend on track.

Roux Hans Helmet Bag Carry Handle:

The second most important part of any piece of luggage is the carry handle. If this part is bad, the entire bag is bad. Roux did their design homework and came up with a handle that will not bother you as you leave airport parking, walk the entire airport, security and customs and never bother your hand. Great work Roux on the most comfortable helmet bag handle ever.

Roux Hans Helmet Bag Vents:

Guests and fish stink after 3 days, but not your Roux helmet. Eight vents keep your Roux helmet vented and fresh, ready for your next race weekend.

Roux Hans Helmet Bag Driver ID Holder:

So you are on an endurance team and just finished a double 7 or maybe the 25 hours of Thunderhill. Time to tear down and take a well needed shower. Your Roux helmet bag has a Driver ID holder to make identifying your Roux helmet easy from the rest of your team.

Roux Hans Helmet Bag Details:

  • Manufacturer: Roux Helmets
  • Manufacturer part number: RXB02-15542
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon
  • Zippers: Double Pull YKK
  • 2 Expansion Zipper Folds
  • Ventilated Base with 8 vents
  • Clear ID Holder Pouch
  • Padded Soft Grip Handle
  • Stitched Neoprene Soft Top
  • Roux Gear Bag Handle slide strap
  • Mesh Inside Pocket for earbuds and other miscellaneous personal items
  • Dimensions: 15.8" x 13.0" x 11.8"

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