Roux Jet Roller - Carry On Legal 1 "a"


Roux Jet Roller - Carry On Legal


Roux Jet Roller - Carry On Legal

Roux's 24" Roller luggage is TSA legal and rolls perfectly, even when overloaded. Using the maximum size TSA allows, the Roux Jet Travel Bag holds all your gear safely. The maximum size Jet Travel Bag carries and protects your luggage with a large main storage compartment and 6 mesh lined pockets for improved organization. Separate internal liners separate the clean from the sweaty gear all the while rolling on 2 high-wearing wheels guided by a comfortable handle. Rubber wear pads help protect your gear during transport to make sure everything stays safe.

Roux Jet Roller is Aircraft Friendly:

Size Wise, Right Size, Easy Size - whatever the airline calls it this week, the Roux Jet Roller meets TSA's 22"x14"x9" requirement. Feel safe taking your expensive racing gear on-board, bypassing that long baggage claim line. Winner for Roux on this one.


Roux Jet Roller Balistic Nylon Exterior:

Rugged, durable, stylish, and ready for the abuse a backpack sees on a normal race weekend. The Roux Jet Roller Bag is ready to hold your full weekend of equipment safely and comfortably.


Roux Jet Roller Interior:

Fully padded with 4 mesh pockets in the main compartment and 2 mesh pockets in the cover storage compartment. Zippered inner liner allows for non-vented separation of your clean and dirty gear.



Roux Jet Wide Wheels Do Not Tip Even When Overloaded:

If you have ever had an inferior roller bag that does not want to stand by itself, or flips at the slightest corner, then you will appreciate Roux's attention to detail. Extra wide splayed wheels to allow for the maximum cornering speed the airport allows. No wheel spacers needed here.


Roux Jet Roller Telescoping Top Carry Handle:

Roux once again wins the award for best carry handle, this time it even telescopes.


Roux Jet Roller Bag Details:

  • Manufacturer: Roux Helmets
  • Manufacturer part number: RXB05-15542
  • Dimensions: 24 x 14" x 9"
  • Material: Ballistic Nylon
  • Zippers: Double Pull YKK
  • Stout, Durable Wheels
  • 2 Rubber Wear Pads on back to reduce wear from transport
  • Curved Design
  • Roller Handle
  • Large Exterior Zipper Pocket with Mesh Pouch
  • 2 Padded Handles (top & side)
  • Internal Body Zipper creates 2 Mesh Storage Chambers
  • Zipper Internal Liner allows for non-vented separation of clean and dirty items.
  • 4 mesh pockets in main storage compartment
  • 2 mesh pockets in cover storage compartment
  • 2 Rubber Base Stops for added stability when standing


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