Sabelt Hero GT TS-9 Fire Suit 1 "a"

$999.00 $1,450.00 -32% OFF



Sabelt Hero GT TS-9 Fire Suit

$999.00 $1,450.00 -32% OFF




Sabelt Hero TS-9 GT Fire Suit

The Hero TS-9 is a triple-layered fireproof Sabelt race suit. This lightweight suit is one of the best in the industry, weighing just 295g/m¬ . Constructed from an ergonomic and breathable anti-piling material featuring Sabelt exclusive S-Dry technology that provides exceptional comfort and protection, the TS-9 race suit also incorporates a stretch panel in the lumbar area and pre-formed arms for an enhanced experience without compromising any of it attractivity.

This high-end suit features full floating sleeves and a seamless knitted interior. There is no waist belt for additional comfort and less added weight.

Sabelt race suits are manufactured using 3 layers of Nomex for added safety and protection. They use different weights of Nomex for each model to achieve the best range of performance and value. Sabelt suits are approved for all levels of motorsport. For more specific questions on models and sizing, contact us at 888-748-7223.


  • FIA 8856-2000 homologation
  • Fabric weight 295 g/m¬
  • Multi-Layer Fire-Proof Nomex Materials
  • Breathable and Ergonomic Material Incorporated Stretch Panels
  • Stylish Understated Design
  • Seamless Internal Design
  • Advanced S-Dry Technology
  • No Waist Belt


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