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Driven Coolant System Protector, 12oz Bottle



Improves water and anti-freeze, prevents corrosion, reduces temperature and protects your engine components 

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Driven Coolant System Protector, 12oz Bottle

It is common for cooling system corrosion issues to develop for racers and performance enthusiasts alike due to impurities found in water sources. The presence of calcium and magnesium and other hard-water minerals can cause corrosion inside your engine’s cooling system. Using tap water, well water and some bottled waters to mix your anti-freeze can lead to this destructive corrosion process putting your engine at risk for performance loss and damage. This can occur whether they are using a anti-freeze or coolant additive. Corrosion and rust inside the water pump, radiator cylinder heads can lead to a loss of cooling efficiency. Driven Coolant System Protector (CSP) stops the effect of water better than the leading brand of coolant additives.

Vital components such as the water pump, radiator, and cylinder heads (aluminum or iron) all can be affected, leading to a loss of overall cooling performance.

The corrosion issue is amplified in motorsports, as many racing organizations and tracks do not allow teams to use anti-freeze in the cooling system, and straight water alone is more corrosive because of the minerals inside. Some racers will use water together with a coolant additive to combat some of the downsides of using water by itself, but typical coolant additives do nothing to help prevent hard-water corrosion.

There is a solution to this problem. Driven Racing Oil™ engineered and developed CSP (Coolant System Protector) in response to the corrosion problems the Joe Gibbs Racing NASCAR teams faced due to the sanctioning body’s rule that does not allow competitors to run anti-freeze in their cars. 

CSP can be used with both anti-freeze and regular water, and also reduces the surface tension of water, allowing for better heat transfer for improved cooling. In addition, CSP lubricates water pumps for improved pump life. Driven CSP also prevents corrosion in modern "orange" OAT coolants, traditional "green" anti-freeze and straight water. 

Driven CSP will work for a full season of racing and should be drained and refilled after the end of each one It not only provides superior cooling, but also stops the adverse effects of hard water better than any of the leading brands of coolant additives. CSP can be used in any racing series or sanctioning body where water is required. Keep your cooling system passages clean and lubricate your water pump better than other "leading" coolant additives with Driven Coolant System Protector.

Driven Racing Coolant System Protector Details:

  • Manufacturer: Driven Racing Oil
  • Manufacturer Part Number: JRG-50030
  • Size: 12 oz
  • Adds Corrosion Resistance to Water and Modern "Orange" OAT Coolants
  • Better "Wetting" than Traditional Coolant Additives
  • Improves Engine Cooling by Improving Surface Wetting & Lower Surface Tension
  • Stops the Adverse Effect of Hard Water Better than the Leading Brand of Coolant Additives
  • Protects Against Corrosion & Rust Inside the Radiator, Water Pump & Cylinder Heads
  • Stabilizes Hard Water

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