Sparco R600 Seat - Leather



Handcrafted In Italy, The Sparco R600 Seat In Italian Leather Creates The Feel Your trophy racer deserves.

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Sparco R600 Seat - Leather

The Sparco R600 is an all new premium street seat that offers the ultimate combination of form and function. Covered in 100% Italian Leather, and handcrafted in Italy, the R600 makes use of the most advanced ergonomic design for a supremely comfortable driving experience. The backrest is curved to follow the natural shape of the driver's spine, and offers precision adjustments through the micro-adjust recline knob. Upgrade to the R600 to gain absolute control of your vehicle and enhance your driving experience!

Weight: 43.7

Mounting: Bottom

• Installation: Bottom Mounting - Use Sparco Vehicle Specific Adapter Kit and Seat Slide Mount Kit.
• 100% Italian Leather
• Handcrafted in Italy using advanced ergonomic technology
• Curved backrest follows the natural shape of the spine
• Precise backrest adjustment
• Tested and approved to ECE 17 (Europe) and FMVSS 208 (USA) standards

Sparco Seat Sizing Chart:

A: Internal width at torso bolsters

B: External width at torso bolsters
C: Internal Width at center cushion
D: External width across thigh bolsters
E: External width at shoulders
F: Base Width
G: Base length (Front-to-Back)
H: Mounting Hole Span (Side-Mounting seats only)
I: Projection of Seatback
L: Height from base to shoulder wings
M: Height (Top-to-Bottom)

Note: All measurements are in millimeters. Measurements are based on the seat shell, and do not take into account padding thickness.

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