Brake Adapters, Fittings & Lines

Adapters, Fittings & Lines

All the brake lines, fittings, quick-disconnects and small parts to complet your brake installation are here. The difference is in the details. Those details are what make a top podium position possible. Low quality or poor installation, or worse - a combination of both - can not only take you off the front row, but into the frame shop. Be smart, logical, and plan your brake system once and enjoy many years of reliable racing.

Goodridge Honda Fit 2015-2018 SS Brake Line Kit
Goodridge 15-18 Honda Fit Brake Lines Goodridge 20117 Brake Line Kits are made from high end quality hose, consisting of a PTFE inner and stainless steel overbraid. Replacing OE brake lines with PTFE hose improves brake feel over factory lines, eliminates sponginess, and provides better stopping distances and consistent braking in high temp scenarios.