Complete DE 1 Color Vinyl Number Package
Discovery Parts Complete DE 1 Color Vinyl Number Package $29.99
Complete D.E. 1 Color Vinyl Number Package (2) 8" Tall Door Numbers (1) 4" Tall Tail Number (1) Drivers Name in Script This complete professional kit can be used on a permanent racecar or installed for the weekend D.E. so you are not black flagged when the painters tape blows off. Vinyl is 3M or Oracal intermediate 7 year vinyl that causes no damage to your car's painted surface. Removal is easy Sunday night for the ride home also. Look like a pro for those pictures of you driving your loved one. Vinyl Color: Choose a contrasting color to your vehicles color. Hint: Do not use red on black (or vice versa). White would be a better color on both black or red vehicles. Font: Choose your favorite! Change fonts next time for a different look. Lean: Choose standard (as in image to left) of lean or however you like. Banff & Harlow have a natural right lean and do not lean well to the left. Choose "No Lean" and it will look identical to image.