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Image of Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer with a helmet and gloves
Simpson Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer $164.95 $184.00
Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer The antibacterial dryer for race gear is one of Simpson's newest creations keeping multi-equipment including your helmet, gloves, footwear and more in a temp controlled environment. Despite how much cash you fork out for your racing gear, according to the second law of thermodynamics, everything degrades over time. Simpson Disinfecting Equipment Dryer Black: Manufacturer: Simpson Manufacturer part number: 97100BK Durable and compact Temperature and timer settings Simple design easily accommodates multiple styles and sizes Anti-bacterial, eliminates odors and controls bacteria growth Dual dryer ports 110 volt Displays Celsius or Fahrenheit Great way to heat up the shield to prevent fogging Helmet, gloves and shoes included with sterilizer: No, but we certainly can help you with this But there are some measures you can take to slow down that process and save yourself some money. First step: use nomex-safe washes like Molecule. Second, keep your gear dry and fresh with the Multi-Equipment Dryer from Simpson. Perspiration and bacteria, as it sits in your helmet, gloves, socks, and shoes over time, can quicken the process of erosion. If you want to combat this and keep your equipment in peak condition for longer periods of time, stop the mildew and mold before it begins.  Simpson Disinfecting Equipment Dryer Application:The most popular way to use the Simpson Equipment Dryer is on your helmet. Simplly place your helmet on the Simpson dryer and press start. The pre-programmed schedule will first de-ionize, push heated air and then dry air through your helmet. Simpson Disinfecting Equipment Dryer Gloves Application:Change the dual output helmet base to the individual bases and now you can easily kill bacteria, heat and dry your racing gloves. Get that fresh-out-of-the-dryer feeling without destroying your gloves. Simpson Disinfecting Equipment Dryer Boots Application:Not just for your auto racing boots, but motocross, ski, cycle or favorite Nike VaporFly 4% running shoes. Kill the stench and keep your kicks fresh. Ever notice how an ice cold coke can will bead up and sweat in the sun? Temp changes do the same thing to your helmet shield in intense temperatures. The Simpson Multi-Equipment Dryer has temp control to warm up your helmet on cold days, preventing a foggy shield on track. This is just one of the many benefits of using a temp-controlled multi-equipment dryer.
Molecule Complete Racing Garment Care Kit
Molecule Molecule Complete Racing Garment Care Kit $69.95
Everything you need to care for your gear is here in the Complete Care Kit, which contains a 16 oz. spray bottles of Molecule Wash, Refresher, and Protector along with a 4 oz. bottle of Spot Cleaner. Caring for your racing gear has never been easier. Molecule makes machine washing the best way to care for your high-performance racing apparel and technical fabrics. Ordinary laundry detergents contain additives that attract moisture, oils and stains on fabrics like Nomex and Aramid. Molecule is designed to remove even the toughest stains, maintain fabric integrity, and keep your racing suit, gloves, and other gear looking and smelling clean. MOLECULE WASH 16 oz. Concentrated formula effectively cleans technical fabrics in standard washing machines Removes contaminants that can degrade fabric performance Recommended for technical fabrics like Nomex MOLECULE REFRESHER 16 oz. Contains an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors Reduces odors on all types of technical fabrics Cosmetic-grade, skin-friendly ingredients Light, fresh scent MOLECULE PROTECTOR 16 oz. Keeps gear cleaner and safer by resisting contaminants that can degrade fabric performance Fabric sunscreen reduces color fading caused by UV rays Sheds water, oils, fuels and dirt Spray on and tumble dry to create a durable protective coating MOLECULE SPOT CLEANER 4 oz. Concentrated formula penetrates deeply Safely dissolve embedded spots and stains even oil For use with Molecule Wash
Sparco X-Cool Recharge Kit
Sparco Sparco X-Cool Recharge Kit $35.00
Sparco X-Cool Recharge Kit The easy-to-apply Sparco X-Cool Recharge Kit helps revive your Sparco fire suit or nomex underwear to it's original high-temperature performance. Simply add to your washing machine along with your performance apparel.Each kit can treat one Sparco fire suit or one complete set of Sparco nomex underwear (balaclava, shirt, pants and socks).
Molecule Race Fabric Protector 16 oz.
Molecule Molecule Race Fabric Protector 16 oz. $29.95
Specially engineered formula bonds technical fabrics, like Nomex¬ , to help repel oils, grease and other liquid stains. Maintains breathability while keeping colors vibrant by shielding UV rays.
Molecule Helmet Care Kit
Molecule Molecule Helmet Care Kit $24.95
Molecule Helmet Care Kit This specially-bundled kit from Competition Motorsport makes it easy and safe to keep your racing helmet in top condition, clean and fresh. The light-duty Cleaner & Polish spray is designed to keep your helmet exterior shell clean, shiny and protected. Safe to use on all finishes, including flat and matte. Refresher spray keeps the inside of your helmet clean, while Anti-Fog helps to keep the inside of your visor clear. Rain Repel is excellent at keeping the outside of your visor clear and making it easy to clean off debris, bugs, etc. KIT INCLUDES: (1) Helmet CLEANER & POLISH 4 oz. (1) Helmet REFRESHER 4 oz. (1) Helmet RAIN REPEL 4 oz. (1) Helmet ANTI-FOG 4 oz.
image of stilo visr cleaner in a can
Stilo Stilo Acrysol Visor Cleaner $19.95
Stilo Visor Cleaner Ground Shipping only on this item. Stilo helmet visors have a special anti-fog coating that is harmed by any type of ammonia, acidic, or even vinager based cleaners. The only safe way to clean a Stilo visor is with this very fast drying, ultra-purified solvent based cleaner. Stilo Visor Cleaner Details: Manufacturer: Stilo Manufacturer part number: YA0640 Size: 20 oz Aerosol: Yes Approved by Stilo: Yes Acrysol is commonly used in premium auto body shops. Used primarily for body panel degreasing prior to top color coat application, and is the official Stilo visor cleaner. How do you clean a Stilo Visor? We prefer to remove the shield from the helmet and spray a wet mist amount on the inside first. Then quickly and lightly, use a single wiping action to to go from one side to the other going the long way. We then turn the visor over and repeat using the single swipe method. If debris/mud/etc remain, repeat until perfect. This is the Official certified cleaning agent that will keep your vision perfect in front and the competition behind and not damage your special anti-fog coating.
Molecule Matte Helmet Detailer
Molecule Molecule Matte Helmet Detailer $14.95
Molecule Matte Helmet Detailer Molecule Matte Helmet Detailer cleans and details matte Ô¨ nish helmets in one easy step. SpeciÔ¨ cally formulated to keep the low luster of matte helmets intact and maintain a uniform flat finish. Cleans and details matte finish helmets in one easy step Safely removes bugs, oils, dirt and grime Apply and allow to dry
Molecule Spot Cleaner
Molecule Molecule Spot Cleaner from $9.95
Molecule Spot Cleaner Dissolve and suspend tough spots and stains that can create combustible hot spots with Molecule Labs Spot Cleaner. This cleaner is a concentrated formula that penetrates deeply into Nomex and technical fabrics to safely dissolve embedded spots and stains. Motor sports injuries have decreased in recent years, thanks to improvements in the quality of protective gear. But despite driver and industry precautions, racing is still a dangerous sport. Exposure to a flash fire for even a few seconds can lead to serious injury or loss of life. Severe skin burns occur more often than they should because protective clothing is not properly cared for or has not been made resistant to flammable liquids. Racing suits made from Nomex® technical fabric have extraordinary properties to protect drivers from flames and heat. Care instructions published by Nomex® manufacturer DuPont state that this unique fabric requires special care to be fully effective. DuPont's laundering guide cautions Nomex® users that the fabric must be kept clean. "Flame resistance can be compromised by the presence of flammable contaminants on the garment, " the guide explains. However, DuPont advises against using ordinary soaps for removing these contaminants. "Soap scums may be flammable and could adversely affect the thermal ensure safety and comfort. Molecule is the right way to care for Nomex. Molecule Wash effectively cleans Nomex® fabric in standard washing machines. Removes contaminants that can degrade fabric performance. Antimicrobial agent inhibits the growth of bacterial odors. Molecule Protector spray extends the effectiveness of your clean firesuit. Protector spray bonds to Nomex fabric to help reduce flammable stains from oil, grease, fuel, dirt, and other contaminants that may compromise the efficiency of your racing suit. Armor your suit with Simpson Molecule Protector spray. Do you have a long race weekend coming up? Molecule Refresh spray revives your suit for another day at the track. Molecule Refresh contains an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors and has a light, fresh scent. It's formulated with cosmetic-grade, skin-friendly ingredients and maintains fabric breathability. You can even use it on helmet liners and gloves. Can't wash your suit? Freshen it up with Molecule Refresh spray. Molecule works and has been tested with Nomex, CarbonX, Proban, Fire retardant cotton and all technical fabrics. Concentrated formula effectively cleans technical fabrics in standard washing machines Removes contaminants that can degrade fabric performance Contains an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors Maintains fabric breathability Contains a fabric brightener to help you look your best Recommended for Nomex® and other technical fabrics
Molecule Refresh Race Fabric Deodorizer
Molecule Molecule Refresh Race Fabric Deodorizer from $9.95
Molecule Refresh gives your racing garments a quick breath of fresh air, reducing odors of all types on technical fabrics like Aramid and Nomex. Refresh is more than just a cover-up; it contains antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria while maintaining fabric breathability. Cosmetics-grade, skin-friendly ingredients ensure that your race suit, underlayers, gloves, etc. stay comfortable. With its light, fresh scent, Molecule Refresh is recommended for technical fabrics, including Nomex.
Molecule Nomex Garment Wash
Molecule Molecule Nomex Garment Wash from $6.95
Molecule Nomex Garment Wash safely and effectively cleans racing garments using technical fabrics like Nomex, in standard washing machines. Ordinary laundry detergent can leave residues on Nomex clothing that reduces their flame-retardant and thermal isolation properties. Molecule is specifically formulated to remove soil and contaminants that can degrade Nomex fabric's performance, along with odor-causing bacteria. FEATURES: Concentrated formula effectively cleans technical fabrics in standard washing machines Recommended for technical fabrics, including Nomex Removes contaminants that can degrade fabric performance More cost effective and safer than dry-cleaning Contains a fabric brightener to help you look your best Maintains fabric breathability Up to eight washes per bottle