Molecule Helmet Care Kit
Molecule Molecule Helmet Care Kit $24.95
Molecule Helmet Care Kit This specially-bundled kit from Competition Motorsport makes it easy and safe to keep your racing helmet in top condition, clean and fresh. The light-duty Cleaner & Polish spray is designed to keep your helmet exterior shell clean, shiny and protected. Safe to use on all finishes, including flat and matte. Refresher spray keeps the inside of your helmet clean, while Anti-Fog helps to keep the inside of your visor clear. Rain Repel is excellent at keeping the outside of your visor clear and making it easy to clean off debris, bugs, etc. KIT INCLUDES: (1) Helmet CLEANER & POLISH 4 oz. (1) Helmet REFRESHER 4 oz. (1) Helmet RAIN REPEL 4 oz. (1) Helmet ANTI-FOG 4 oz.
Molecule Matte Helmet Detailer
Molecule Molecule Matte Helmet Detailer $14.95
Molecule Matte Helmet Detailer Molecule Matte Helmet Detailer cleans and details matte Ô¨ nish helmets in one easy step. SpeciÔ¨ cally formulated to keep the low luster of matte helmets intact and maintain a uniform flat finish. Cleans and details matte finish helmets in one easy step Safely removes bugs, oils, dirt and grime Apply and allow to dry
Arai GP-7 Helmet Shields
Arai Arai GP-7 Helmet Shields from $78.95
Arai GP-7 Anti-Fog Helmet Shields Available in a variety of colors and tints, these replacement shields fit all versions of the Arai GP-7 SA2020 helmet.   The GP-7 series actually fits two different Arai helmet models. The GP-7, and of course the Arai every auto racer wants, the Arai GP-7SRC. All Arai shields we offer at are Genuine Arai in standard, Anti-Fog, Dual Pane, and with the Arai Visor Tint Strip ontop You know how well your helmet was crafted when it was built and the same care and exacting standards are used in your new Arai GP-7 shields.