Bell KC7 CMR Carbon Fiber Karting Helmet
Bell Bell KC7 CMR Carbon Fiber Karting Helmet $1,159.95
ULTRA-LIGHT CARBON FIBER KARTING HELMET Bell Racing is proud to introduce the KC7 CMR Carbon, the first ultra-lightweight carbon fiber youth karting helmet on the market.  Based on the HP7 Formula 1 helmet, this sleek, aerodynamic design features an advanced ventilation system with 14 air intake and extraction channels designed to maximize cooling and a double screen anti-fog (DSAF) insert to prevent fogging in rainy conditions. Certified to the FIA/ Snell CMR standard designed for karting drivers under the age of 18, the KC7 CMR Carbon is a winning choice for the next generation of champion drivers. Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Shell: 2.6 lbs. (sizes 52-56) or 2.7 lbs. (sizes 57-59) Innovative shell and shield design improve acoustic Comfort, Aerodynamic Performance and Energy Absorption Design based on the innovative HP7 used in F1 Advanced Ventilation System with 14 Intake and Extraction Channels Front and Side Air Intakes Available (Sold Separately) Hollow Synthetic Rubber Gasket Seal Ensuring that Air, Water and Dust Can’t Penetrate into the Helmet Multi-Piece, Multi-Density High-Impact Custom Bead Absorbing Liner for Low and High Velocity Impact Protection Aerodynamic Accessories including Chin Bar and Top Gurneys and Rear Spoiler (Sold Separately) for Improved Aero Performance and Stability at High Speeds Pro-Style, Multi Foam Density Interior with Superior Moisture Wicking Properties Comfort-Plus Karting Style Interior with Removable / Replaceable Cheek Pads SE07 2MM DSAF Shield (SV SE07 Pivot System) – Clear Shield Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) Visor Insert For Improved Anti-Fog Performance Draw String Helmet Bag Included Hex Wrench Included FIA/Snell CMR2016 Homologation This helmet will ship to you with signature required for delivery.
Bell KC7 CMR Lewis Hamilton Edition Karting Helmet
Bell Bell KC7 CMR Lewis Hamilton Edition Karting Helmet $999.95
Bell Racing Helmets KC7-CMR "Lewis Hamilton" Karting Helmet F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton designs special edition Bell karting helmet Bell Racing Helmets teamed up with F1 Multiple World Champion Lewis Hamilton to develop a special edition “Lewis Hamilton” KC7 CMR Karting helmet for the 2019 racing season. Lewis Hamilton worked personally with Bell’s in-house custom paint team to create a custom graphic for the KC7 CMR with the signature elements and colors of his F1 design. This special edition KC7 CMR features a multi-layer red SE07 2mm visor, clear top and side air intakes, clear rear spoiler and HP helmet bag. The KC7-CMR, an ultra-lightweight youth karting helmet, incorporates the same technology, aerospace materials and construction methods used to build the advanced Bell HP7 helmet used by Lewis Hamilton in F1 competition. The KC7-CMR's sleek, aerodynamic design features an advanced ventilation system that can be used with or without air intakes to maximize cooling and a double screen anti-fog (DSAF) visor to eliminate fogging. Homologated to the Snell/FIA CMR standard and certified for global competition, the KC7-CMR is designed to minimize weight for karting drivers under the age of 18. The Bell KC7-CMR is the perfect helmet for the next generation of champions as they start their racing career in karting. SPECIFICATIONS: Ultra lightweight helmet featuring a carbon/fiberglass shell: 2.6 lbs. in sizes 54 - 56cm and 2.7 lbs. in sizes 57 - 59cm (+/- 3%). Advanced multi-density, multi piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance. Cutting-edge style based on the Bell HP7 used in F1. Graphic design created by Lewis Hamilton reflecting his F1 helmet livery. Powerful top and chin bar ventilation thanks to a total 14 air intake and extraction channels. Optimized shield design resulting in improved aerodynamic behavior and energy absorbing capacities. Multilayer red SE07 2mm visor. Clear top and side air intakes mounted on the helmet. Clear spoiler mounted on the helmet. Non-fireproof lining for extra durability. Snell-FIA CMR-2016 approved. Sizes: 54 to 59 cm. Snell-FIA CMR-2016 approved.
Bell KC7 CMR Champion Karting Helmet
Bell Bell KC7 CMR Champion Karting Helmet $799.95
Bell Racing Helmets KC7-CMR Champion Karting Helmet The Bell KC7-CMR is a karting specific helmet based on the same design as the top of the range HP7 carbon helmet, as used by some F1 drivers. Constructed using an ultra lightweight Carbon/Kevlar/Glass hand laminated shell with a 2mm double screen anti fog visor for perfect visibility in all conditions. Ultra lightweight and strong carbon/kevlar/fibreglass composite shell Striking Champion pink graphic design is sure to get you noticed Anti fog visor provides excellent visibility 14 air intakes and extraction channels provide optimum airflow through the helmet A range of spoilers and air intakes are available separately The shell of the KC7-CMR is designed to provide the optimum visor location which improves aerodynamics and reduces noise. The powerful top and chin bar ventilation keeps the drivers head cool thanks to a total of no less than 14 air intakes and extraction channels. A range of accessories including different visor options, spoilers and air intakes are available separately. Helmet weights - Sizes 54-56cm - 1185g ( /-3%) Sizes 57-59cm - 1230g ( /-3%) Snell-FIA CMR-2016 approved
Stilo ST5 KRT Karting Helmet SK2020
Stilo Stilo ST5 KRT Karting Helmet SK2020 $720.00
STILO ST5 KRT KARTING HELMET SK2020 The Stilo ST5 KRT (Kart) Helmet turn heads with style that closely resembles the top of the range ST5 Zero helmet used by many professional racing athletes worldwide. The ST5 Kart is manufactured in a lightweight and very strong composite material and is currently available in white. As with every Stilo helmet, the focus is on safety, comfort and function. The ST5 Kart helmet’s interior has an excellent fit and comfort level due to its dual density interior foam lining. From the first use, karters will truly appreciate the level of comfort it offers. The ST5 Kart's symmetrical visor offers excellent vision and an effortless central visor locking system that karters will appreciate. The centrally located locking system has dual opening positions allowing adjustment for the visor to be slightly open for extra airflow as preferred by some karters in damp conditions or left completely sealed, but more importantly in both of these positions the visor is locked and will never fly open. The Stilo ST5 Kart Helmet arrives with a 3mm thick FIA F1 standard visor - adding a dramatic improvement in safety. Offered in a large range of different finishes and tints, including colored iridium options that have been added for a totally bespoke finish. In addition a double glazed option is available for racing in wet and cold conditions to prevent misting up. EPS cheek pads provide the best in lateral crash safety, while retaining the functionality of the earmuffs to provide a comfortable aural environment for communication.  Available in gloss white exterior finish, the ST5 Kart is homologated to the Snell K 2020 standard.
Stilo ST5 CMR Kart Racing Helmet
Stilo Stilo ST5 CMR Kart Racing Helmet $629.00
Stilo ST5 CMR Kart Racing Helmet NOTE: White/Blue and White/Red color selections have a white exterior with a colored interior only. The ST5 CMR 2016 is one of Stilo's karting helmets that are directly derived from Stilo's auto racing helmets that dominate at the top levels of racing. Drivers rave about the superior comfort levels as well as Stilo’s lightweight construction and unparalleled field of vision, a crucial attribute for karting. The CMR standard was developed jointly by the FIA Institute and Snell Memorial Foundation to ensure safer and lighter weight helmets for karting. The Stilo ST5 CMR Kart delivers, and more. FEATURES: Snell/FIA CMR 2016 certified Youth helmet Exceptional fit; fully adjustable including replaceable cheek and crown pads Great field of vision Best in class aerodynamics with available aero kits Aerodynamics personalization available Patented shield locking mechanism with 2 positions Exceptional air flow EPS cheek pads provide the best in lateral crash safety Lightweight construction 1200 grams CMR version Stilo helmets are worn by winning drivers worldwide, including well known F1 Mercedes driver Valterri Bottas, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champions Martin Truex, Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch, IndyCar Series Champion Tony Kanaan and WRC Champion Sebastion Loeb.
Arai CK-6 Karting Helmet (Youth)
Arai Arai CK-6 Karting Helmet (Youth) $579.95
Arai CK-6 Youth Karting Helmet The Arai CK-6 is designed specifically for junior kart racers who are too small to comfortably fit and/or support the weight of an adult model SK-6 karting helmet. Meets the SNELL/FIA CMR standard for junior karting CK-6 FEATURES SRC Superior Resin shell material, developed and formulated in-house at Arai, dramatically improves the bonding properties of standard fibers, allowing the use of less material for reduced weight and lower cost. Removable/Replaceable cheek pads in optional sizes allow for custom fit when needed. Easily removable 5mm top layer of foam allows for further custom fitting. Wide and tall eye port for an exceptional field of view. Large intake vent toggles for easy operation, with large rear vents for improved ventilation. Features taken directly from the GP-6PED auto-racing helmet. Newly sculpted chin bar and ridge along lower edge of shell to improve structural integrity. Provides a stronger shell near the opening where it's needed while lowering the center of gravity. Rise in shell above the shoulders for added clearance. SPECIAL YOUTH SIZING XXS: 50-51cm XS:   52-53cm S:     54-56cm M:    57-58cm L:     59cm An effective helmet is one that fits properly. Have an assistant use a measuring tape, or a piece of string to measure the circumference of your head starting at a point approximately one inch above the eyebrows in front, around a point in the back of the head that results in the largest possible measurement, and finally wrapping back to the front. It is a good idea to take several measurements to make sure you have the largest one.
Arai GP-7 Helmet Shields
Arai Arai GP-7 Helmet Shields from $78.95
Arai GP-7 Anti-Fog Helmet Shields Available in a variety of colors and tints, these replacement shields fit all versions of the Arai GP-7 SA2020 helmet.