Racetech Ram Air Ducting Kit
Racetech Racetech Ram Air Ducting Kit $159.00
Racetech Ram Air Ducting Kit Now you can provide forced air induction to your Racetech 119 or 129 series race seat. Increase driver comfort by removing latent heat to the lower back. Especially useful in longer or enduro race events, this air-cooling maintains a level of comfort for the driver, enabling optimum performance and less heat stress and fatigue. KIT INCLUDES: 12V inline blower motor @122 CFM.  Silicone reducer (76mm to 51mm). Four-foot high-temp duct hose. Two tie wraps. For maximum cooling performance, use with NACA duct and 3” intake hose.
Racetech Seat Cushions
Racetech Racetech Seat Cushions from $64.99
Racetech Seat Cushions Kidney Cushions: A pair of cushions, one for each kidney as a means of extra support and padding. Comes with Velcro on the back to position these in the optimal position on the seat. Embroidered Racetech logo in white and yellow is standard. Lumbar Cushion: This cushion provides extra padding and support to the lumbar area of your back. Can be used as padding in other areas of the seat also. Comes with sewn-in, hook-side velcro strips for positioning on your race seat. Side Cushions: A pair of side cushions for Racetech 119- and 129-Series racing seats. Velcro fixing to the sides of the seat to improve fitting for those with those with smaller hips and thighs. This pair makes a seat approximately 30mm narrower in the thigh area, while also providing extra energy absorption in an impact. Great for driver changes during enduros. Super-Low Base Cushion Set: The Racetech Super-Low Base Cushion is only 15mm thick and allows the driver to sit 30mm lower in the seat compared to the stock standard base cushion. Designed for and compatible with 119- and 129-Series seats. Standard-width fits seat models: RT4129 HRW  RT9129 (HRW, THR) RT4119 (HRW, THR) RT9119 (HR, THR) (Will fit 009 series seats with gap on inside back corner, but no effect on performance) Wide fits seat models: RT4129 WTHR RT9129 WTHRL RT4119 (WHR, WTHR) RT9119 (WHR, WTHR) Vented Back Cushion: The Racetech vented mesh back cushion is a new design which further enhances driver cooling by using an open mesh through the center of the cushion to improve cool air distribution when you are ducting air to your seat. Easily Velcros to your Racetech seat, replacing your standard back cushion. Compatible with 119 and 129 series seats. Please select the correct size for your seat from the dropdown list above. Compatible with: RT4119 (HRW, THR, WHR, WTHR) RT9119 (HR, THR, WHR, WTHR) RT4129 (HRW, WHR, WTHR) RT9129 (HRW, THR, WHR, WTHRL)