Racetech Ram Air Ducting Kit
Racetech Racetech Ram Air Ducting Kit $179.00
Racetech Ram Air Ducting Kit Now you can provide forced air induction to your Racetech 119 or 129 series race seat. Increase driver comfort by removing latent heat to the lower back. Especially useful in longer or enduro race events, this air-cooling maintains a level of comfort for the driver, enabling optimum performance and less heat stress and fatigue. KIT INCLUDES: 12V inline blower motor @122 CFM. Silicone reducer (76mm to 51mm). Four-foot high-temp duct hose. Two tie wraps. For maximum cooling performance, use with NACA duct and 3 intake hose.
Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat Pad Set
Sabelt Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat Pad Set $295.00
Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat Pad Set PAD SET ONLY One of the many great things about the Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat is the ability to install customized pad kits. This lets you tailor the look and fit of your Sabelt GT-Pad to your individual needs by utilizing different colored and/or sized pads. Choose between red and black, M / L / XL pads to get a great-fitting and great-looking racing seat! One pad kit weighs about 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg). This is the pad set only. Sabelt GT-Pad Racing Seat sold separately. 
Sabelt Seat Pads
Sabelt Sabelt Seat Pads $69.00
Sabelt Seat Pads Additional seat pads for further customizing the fit and comfort of your Sabelt racing seat. Choose lumbar support, back support, or both.