CFRN2002 (8863-2013)
Sabelt CFRN2002 (8863-2013) $322.00
Sabelt Right Side Net The Sabelt right-side driver's net epitomizes top-tier driver safety, securely fastening to the roll cage of your race car. Crafted from polyester, these nets boast superior durability compared to conventional nylon counterparts, as polyester is less susceptible to UV degradation over time. Considered a vital component of safety gear, we regard right-side nets, also known as "cage nets," as indispensable. In the event of an impact, the body naturally moves forward by 6-8 inches, a crucial mechanism to prevent injury, with the harness providing the necessary stretch to decelerate the body. In lateral impacts, where forces act from the side, a right-side net becomes essential. Without it, the body can easily wrap around the seat when harnesses have stretched, posing a risk of injury. The right-side net prevents this by guiding the head and shoulders back into the seat, averting potential harm. Key Details: Triangular assembly. 1” tribar adjusters. 2” front strap with steel adjuster Ergonomic handle and push button buckle Sabelt nets undergo rigorous testing with dynamic loads to more accurately simulate real-world scenarios. Installation instructions emphasize compliance with FIA requirements, including the necessity of two vertical sections in contact with the seat back for support. Schroth enhances its FIA net by incorporating additional vertical sections, distinguishing it from SFI-rated nets. The FIA recommends installing a net on both sides of the seat for driver restraint, emphasizing the inadequacy of an exterior net alone. The Tudor series enforces this by mandating two interior nets and a window net. FIA guidelines stipulate that the net must be mounted with horizontal sections of webbing on the inside, creating a smooth surface for the driver's helmet to slide down during impact. Sabelt nets facilitate this by allowing reversal on both sides. Sabelt's innovative quick-release design complies with FIA requirements, ensuring the button can be released under load. The new-style quick-release replaces the ratchet strap and metal clasp found in previous nets, offering a lighter and safer alternative.