Vinyl Track Decals
Discovery Parts Vinyl Track Decals from $3.00
Vinyl Race Track Decals What better way to commemorate your time at the race track than with a track decal in your favorite color? Two sizes are available for your car, helmet, tool box, trailer or anywhere that needs a little speed. Medium is 5.25" wide and Small is 3.0" wide. Our Vinyl Track Decals are made of high quality intermediate vinyl, backed by adhesive ticks perfectly and lasts a long time. Available Race Tracks: Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) Car Track Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) Kart Track Barber Raceway Carolina Motorsports Park Road Atlanta Roebling Road Sebring International Raceway
One Color Vinyl Race Numbers
Discovery Parts One Color Vinyl Race Numbers $4.00
One-Color Vinyl Race Numbers When you need to get numbers on your car quickly and easily, these high-quality vinyl numbers can be life-savers. Each 10" tall number comes separately in black or white premium vinyl. Satisfy race tech and look like a pro in the photos of you and your beloved race car at the podium! Discovery Parts uses premium 3M or Oracal intermediate seven-year vinyl that shouldn't damage your cars painted surfaces. Vinyl race numbers are priced at $4 per numeral (e.g., car number 45 costs $8, car number 167 costs $12). Size: each numeral is cut separately, 10 inches in height in black or white vinyl Numerals: add each numeral you need, and how many, to your shopping cart one numeral at a time.
Dull Finish Racers Tape 2 In by 83 Ft
ISC Racers Tape Dull Finish Racers Tape 2 In by 83 Ft $15.50
Dull Finish Racers Tape 2in by 83ft (Gaffers Tape) The preferred choice of the pros. Dull Finish Gaffers tape is a vinyl-coated cloth, rather than a poly coated. Anybody who has ever used Gaffers tape, in place of duct tape, never looks back. This tape has a high quality adhesive that does not leave a sticky residue when removed. It comes in six brilliant colors and has many racing uses, including pit marking, emergency body and fender repair and waterproofing. The uses are endless. Available in six colors.
Windshield Number Set in Perforated Vinyl
Discovery Parts Windshield Number Set in Perforated Vinyl $9.00
Single-Color Perforated Vinyl Race Numbers How To Order: Add each numeral you need to your cart. (E.g., for car number "45", add a 4 and then a 5 to your cart). In the text input field, enter your whole car number. (E.g., for car number "45", input 45.) Need assistance? Call (706) 344-1235 Conforming to the World Racing League rulebook (Appendix A4I, Windshield Car Number Requirement), these 4" tall windshield numbers are cut in premium perforated white vinyl to work on both Lexan and glass windshields. The tall Arial Black font produces a narrower numeral with wider stroke, making them crisp and easy to read with the minimum required width. Windshield Number Set in Perforated Vinyl Details: Manufacturer: Discovery Parts Manufacturer part number: WRL012023 Vinyl: gloss white perforated vinyl Font: Arial Black Size: 4 inches in height Material: numbers care cut from perforated gloss white 3M or Oracal intermediate 7 year vinyl. Size: each numeral is 4" in height. Pricing: each numeral is $9.00 (e.g., car number 7 is $9.00; number 07 is $18.00; number 007 is $27.00
Tow Decal - Red on White
Discovery Parts Tow Decal - Red on White $4.00
Tow Decal (Red On White) Grand-Am, SCCA, NASA, BMWCCA & PCA approved red tow decal on a white background. Tow Decal Details: Shape: down arrow Color: red over white, white lettering  Size: 4.25" W x 5.50" H
Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch Decal
Discovery Parts Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch Decal $4.00
Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch Decal The Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch decal for your race car is approved for use in NASA, SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA, PWC, WRC, Tudor and Grand-Am. Battery Disconnect Electrical Kill Switch Decal Details: Shape: rectangle  Color: red electrical bolt over blue background Size: 2" W x 3" H
Complete Single Color Vinyl Number Package
Discovery Parts Complete Single Color Vinyl Number Package $29.99
Complete Single-Color Vinyl Number Package Cut from premium 3M or Oracal intermediate seven-year vinyl, the Complete Single-Color Vinyl Number Package includes the following: (2) 10-inch door numbers (1) 10-inch hood number (1) 4-inch tail number (4) 4-inch racing class abbreviations (1) driver's name in Script font, 10 inches wide Vinyl Color: choose a strongly-contrasting color to your vehicle's exterior. Font: Choose your favorite! Change fonts next time for a different look.
Complete DE Single Color Vinyl Number Package
Discovery Parts Complete DE Single Color Vinyl Number Package $24.95
Complete HPDE Vinyl Car Numbering Package This complete professional kit can be used on a permanent race car or installed for the weekend HPDE so you're not black flagged when the painters tape blows off. We use premium 3M or Oracal intermediate seven-year vinyl that adheres firmly but causes no damage to your car's paint. Removal is easy Sunday afternoon for the drive home also. Complete Single-Color DE Vinyl Number Package Details: (2) 8" door numbers (1) 4" tail number (1) driver's name in Script font Vinyl Color: choose a color that contrasts strongly with your vehicle's exterior. Font: choose your favorite, or change fonts for a different look.
Non Skid Racers Tape 2 In by 10 Ft
ISC Racers Tape Non Skid Racers Tape 2 In by 10 Ft $15.50
Non Skid Racers Tape 2in by 10ft  ISC Non-Skid Tape is the quickest and easiest way to prevent slipping and falling with its instant, self adhesive, and anti-slip safety surface. 2" x 10' roll consists of a heavy-duty long lasting material that is defiant to all weather conditions. Non-Skid will endure temperature extremes of -40 degrees to 220 degrees F. There are no messy glues or separate adhesives - just peel off the backing and apply to any clean dry surface. Use on trailer ramps, stairs or walkways, dock areas, brake and clutch pedals, entrances, and of course steps. Sparkling black finish.    
Race Car Fire System
Discovery Parts Race Car Fire System "E" Decal $4.00
Extinguisher "E" Decal This race car Fire System/Extinguisher "E" decal is approved for use in NASA, SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA, ChampCar and IMSA. Fire System "E" Decal Details: Shape: circle Color: red "E" and outer circle over white background Size: 4" diameter
Clear Surface Protection Tape
ISC Racers Tape Clear Surface Protection Tape from $35.00
Surface Protection Tape / Helicopter Tape Surface Protection Tape is a clear protective urethane film that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. Surface Protection will protect any surface that is prone to scratching, chipping, and weathering. A bullet proof, clear film that provides indestructible protection. Surface Protection has a semi permanent adhesive, with a removable release liner. Available in 8 mil thickness. Surface Protection Tape provides excellent protection against ultra violet light, temperature extremes and automotive solvents. Will not yellow over time. Be sure to take note that our Surface Protection Tape is made of Polyurethane Material, not PVC or Vinyl. These other types don't conform well, and also cannot, will not, take the abuse that polyurethane will. Crystal clear, 8mm thin, our most popular protection. Very conformable and easy to remove over time. Can be trimmed to fit any application. Applications for Surface Protection Tape are endless. From passenger vehicles, bicycles, boats, semis, motorcycles, racecars, RV , street rods, snowmobiles, and everything in between, ISC Surface Protection can do the job.
Jack Decal (Black on White)
Discovery Parts Jack Decal (Black on White) $4.00
Jack Decal (Black On White) This Jack Decal is approved for use on race cars participating in Grand-Am, SCCA, NASA, BMWCCA and PCA. Place this decal on your car to let track personnel know where the safe jack points are. Jack Decal Details: Shape: downward arrow Color: black arrow with white outline, white lettering Size: 4.25" W x 5.50" H
Magnetic 24
Discovery Parts Magnetic 24" Wide Gloss White Vinyl (per foot) from $25.00
Magnetic Gloss White Vinyl 24" Wide 24-inch wide gloss white vinyl with magnetic backing for creating your own vinyl numbers for track day decals. 24" wide and sold in one foot continuous lengths with no covering on the magnetic side. If you're feeling creative, you can order our vinyl race car numbers and/or letters and install them on this gloss white magnetic background. Got a sponsor or in a contingency class using a daily driver? Put their decals on this high grip magnetic material and easily remove it after your event.
AMP Vinyl Windshield Decal (32
Discovery Parts AMP Vinyl Windshield Decal (32" Wide) $35.00
AMP 32-Inch Windshield Vinyl Decal Vinyl windshield decal featuring the Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) logo in various colors to match your car's livery! This 32-inch wide decal is cut from premium 3M or Oracal intermediate seven-year vinyl.