AiM GPS Data Loggers are small, lightweight, powerful and give accurate data

Data Loggers

AiM GPS Data Loggers are modular and have many built in features for driver, chassis, and engine health in a compact, easy to place unit. Now you can deliver all the data to your AiM G-Dash, MXS Dash or any of the popular AiM Formula Car Steering Wheels with active display. 

AiM Evo4S Data Logger
The EVO4S is an evolution of the powerful yet very compact EVO4 data logger, designed to take advantage of the extensive CAN connectivity of AiM accessories. It uses the same screw-in input ports as the EVO4, but the internals support the new Race Studio 3 software and XRK data file format. 
AiM EVO5 Data Logger
A Professional, Modular Datalogger With Integrated GPS. AiM EVO5 Data Logger Is Robust and compact and can be easily placed in any vehicle. Its configuration with Race Studio 3 software is simple and immediate.
AiM GS-Dash and EVO 4S Data Logger Dash Display w/ GPS
The Aim GS-DASH and EVO 4s Data Logger and Racing Dash Display Kit has been designed to show data sampled by the new generation of Aim data logger, the EVO 4S. All data coming from your vehicle’s ECU, from the accelerometers, from the GPS module as well as from your custom sensors.