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Schroth Profi II ASM FE Street Legal 4 Point Harness




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The Safe, Street Legal 4 Point Harness

The Profi II ASM FE is essentially the same as the Profi II ASM, except it features a Push-Button cam lock. The red push button that says "Press" is necessary to retain street legality and so an EMT who shows up at an accident scene will know how to release your restraint. The FE version also features sewn in, bendable bolt-in tabs for the lap belt attachments, for use in applications where space is limited. It's designed to be used as a four point system, perfect for use in Driver Education cars or any other application where stock seats are retained. (A seat that was not originally designed for a sub strap should never be modified to accept one.)

The Profi II ASM incorporates Schroth's legendary ASM (Anti Sub Marining) technology that is the only thing like it on the market. ASM is an extra fold of material sewn into the right shoulder belt that elongates at a different rate than the outboard belt. This allows your upper torso to twist slightly. On the rebound phase, your torso is planted firmly back in the seat rather than allowed to slide under the lap belt.


You can add a single or dual sub strap to make this belt into a 5 point or 6 point at any time. Schroth tested this harness with a HANS device and the results were great. You can use a 4 point ASM Harness with any HANS device.

The lap belts provided with this harness are only available with bolt-in hardware (it's sewn in) as they are most commonly needed in setups requiring street legality. If you need a different setup, please call 888-748-7223.

The shoulder straps come with wrapped-in B23C bolt-in brackets that can be easily removed to wrap around a roll bar or harness bar.

See the Schroth Harness Installation Checklist here.

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