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Sparco Martini LEGEND Kevlar Racing Seat

Rev up your racing experience with the Sparco Martini Legend Kevlar Race Seat, meticulously crafted with a winning combination of Kevlar and carbon fiber. Engineered for unparalleled performance, safety, and style, this race seat is the pinnacle of motorsport excellence. With its exceptional construction and iconic design, it's no wonder this seat is at the top of every racing enthusiast's wishlist.

Sparco Martini Legend Race Seat Unrivaled Performance:
The Sparco Martini Legend Kevlar Race Seat boasts an innovative construction that combines lightweight Kevlar and dry carbon fiber. This fusion provides outstanding strength, rigidity, and durability while maximizing safety. The seat's ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort during intense races, allowing you to maintain full control of your vehicle at high speeds.

Sparco Martini Legend Race Seat Superior Safety Features:
Safety is of utmost importance in motorsports, and the Sparco Martini Legend Kevlar Race Seat excels in this aspect. It meets the stringent FIA 8855-1999 safety standards, guaranteeing optimal protection in case of any impact. The seat features integrated head and shoulder protection, bolstered side supports, and deep thigh cushions to minimize the risk of injury. With this seat, you can race with confidence, knowing that your well-being is prioritized.

Sparco Martini Legend Race Seat Iconic Style:
Stand out on the track with the legendary Martini Racing design adorning the Sparco Martini Legend Kevlar Race Seat. The iconic Martini Racing colors are proudly displayed on this seat, instantly recognizable by racing enthusiasts worldwide. This timeless aesthetic, combined with the impeccable craftsmanship of Sparco, creates a seat that not only performs but also captivates attention.

Join the elite ranks of motorsport legends and elevate your racing to new heights with the Sparco Martini Legend Kevlar Race Seat. Immerse yourself in the race with its Kevlar and carbon fiber construction, delivering unrivaled performance, safety, and iconic style. Don't settle for anything less than the best – equip yourself with a seat that embodies the essence of motorsport excellence. Purchase yours today and experience the thrill of true racing mastery.

Sparco Martini Legend Kevlar Race Seat  - SIZING
Medium / Large (up to 36” waist)

Sparco  Martini Legend Kevlar Race Seat  - TECHNOLOGY
Ultralight light weight dry carbon/Kevlar shell
Bottom mount only Excellent ergonomics
FIA 8859-1999 approved

Sparco Martini Legend Kevlar Race Seat - DIMENSIONS

Sparco Legend Race Seat Dimensions

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