Sparco SPR Reclining Seat (Non-FIA) 1 "a"


Sparco SPR Reclining Seat (Non-FIA)


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Sparco SPR Reclining Seat (non-FIA)


Drawing on our decades of racing history, Sparco has created an extensive line of street car seats that offer the ultimate in comfort and performance. Our ergonomic designs help cradle and protect the driver against even the most demanding lateral forces.

The Sparco SPR is a top-level sport seat that holds the driver during spirited driving and is also comfortable for long road trips. It features the ergonomics as the Sparco SPX but at a more economical price. The SPR has a lightweight RTM composite shell along with an OEM derived recliner system with dual handles for multiple adjustment. The SPR is covered in synthetic leather with soft-touch micro-suede center. To finish off the performance look, the SPR is hand stitched in tone on tone black with the Sparco logo embroidered in matching black.

The Sparco SPR seat represents the ultimate evolution of the sport seat. The Sparco SPX uses a combination of carbon fiber and advanced composites that give the driver both comfort and performance in a lightweight package. With the ergonomic shape of the backrest and the seating position of the RTM composite lower, the Sparco SPR holds the driver during extreme lateral forces and is comfortable for long road trips.

Sparco SPR Reclining Seat TECHNOLOGY

Lightweight RTM Composite shell

Durable synthetic leather

OEM Derived Recliner Accepts 4-point harness

Ergonomic bolsters and padding provide support and comfort

Soft touch Micro-suede and Synthetic Leather


Sparco SPR Reclining Seat DIMENSIONS

SPX Seat Chart


Sparco has designed and engineered some of the most advanced sport seats in the world, including the first-ever adjustable carbon fiber seat in 1998 for the Lamborghini Diablo. Since then, countless super cars such as the Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Aventador have used Sparco design and technology in their vehicles. In addition to seats, Sparco also produces carbon fiber body panels, bumpers, roofs and aerodynamic pieces, in addition to structural carbon fiber parts like stressed-member engine cradles and other chassis parts.

Supplying OEM manufacturers requires every part to pass demanding safety and durability tests. Sparco’s extensive expertise in carbon fiber technology is why they're a Tier One supplier for Alfa Romeo, AMG, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini and Lotus to name a few.

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