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Stand21 Featherlite Head And Neck Restraint



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Stand21 Featherlite Head & Neck Restraint

The FeatherLite from Stand21 is a breakthrough technological achievement in the FHR family, offering the absolute highest level of safety while weighing an incredible 310g (0.68 lb.), excluding padding. The use of very high-strength carbon combined with a new, more ergonomic design of the legs makes this FHR the lightest safety device created to date.

A revolutionary new integrated strap passage allows seamless new radius of curvature, alleviating discomfort from interference between the helmet, the device, and the seat/headrest. The first Stand21 Featherlites are expected to hit the U.S. in August, and they're sure to be hugely popular among pros and the most demanding amateur drivers.


  • FIA 8858-2010 and SFI 38.1 Certified

  • Weight: 310 grams (11 oz., 0.68 lbs)

  • Unprecedented curvature beam alleviating discomfort between the helmet, FHR, and seat/headrest

  • Revolutionary integral strap passage

  • Available in sizes Medium and Large

  • Available for 20 or 30 incline angles

  • Supplied with black padding, sliding tether, and protective bag

  • New more ergonomic leg design

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