CMS Performance Sub Strap Mount for Porsche 992-991-981-718 1 "a"



CMS Performance Sub Strap Mount for Porsche 992-991-981-718



Sub Strap Mount for Porsche LWB


For cars with Porsche OEM CFRP Full Bucket ("Lightweight Bucket" or "LWB") Seats Only.


  • 992 GT3/GT3RS
  • 991.1 & .2 GT3/GT3RS
  • 992 GT3/GT3RS
  • 991.2 GT2RS
  • 981 Cayman GT4
  • 718 Cayman GT4

The Performance Sub Strap Mount is a must-have for Porsche GT2RS, GT3/GT3RS, and GT4 owners using five-, six-, or seven-point harnesses with the factory CFRP Full Bucket Seats (also called Lighweight Bucket Seats). Designed to easily bolt in using existing seat hardware without having to fully remove the seats from the car, the Performance Sub Strap Mount properly anchors your harness anti-submarine straps ("sub straps") to your seat base.

The Performance Sub Strap Mount fits either driver- or passenger-side seats.

Performance Sub Strap Mounts are designed, manufactured, and powder-coated entirely in-house in the USA. Made of solid steel while only weighing 1.4 lbs (625g), there's not a stronger, more affordable solution available. The Sub Strap Mounts allow full seat adjustment, fore/aft and up/down, while maintaining the ideal sub strap angle to your body for maximum safety.





  • Solid steel construction for maximum safety
  • Allows full fore/aft and up/down seat adjustment
  • Powder-coated to match OEM seat base
  • Fits driver or passenger seat (Porsche LWB only)
  • Simple to install
  • Compatible with OEM seat belt and airbag hardware

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