MP-1082-2 Girodisc Magic Pads (Rear) 1 "a"


MP-1082-2 Girodisc Magic Pads (Rear)


GiroDisc "Magic Pads" are the solution to your squeaky, dusty, expensive factory replacement pads. They have lower dust than typical factory pads and much less than other performance pads. You won't be cleaning your wheels nearly as often!

Additionally, they have great initial bite, something most less-expensive pads lack. But the real reason people like Magic Pads so much is they are the "silver bullet" to brake noise problems. Magic Pads are a semi-metallic composition that is easy on rotors and on your wallet.

We recommend always replacing pads as a whole car set when switching compounds. All Magic Pads come with anti-noise shields pre-installed and included in the price.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-748-7223. We're happy to help!

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