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Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer


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Simpson Equipment Sterilizer and Dryer

The antibacterial dryer for race gear is one of Simpson's newest creations keeping multi-equipment including your helmet, gloves, footwear and more in a temp controlled environment. Despite how much cash you fork out for your racing gear, according to the second law of thermodynamics, everything degrades over time.

Simpson Disinfecting Equipment Dryer Black:

  • Manufacturer: Simpson
  • Manufacturer part number: 97100BK
  • Durable and compact
  • Temperature and timer settings
  • Simple design easily accommodates multiple styles and sizes
  • Anti-bacterial, eliminates odors and controls bacteria growth
  • Dual dryer ports
  • 110 volt
  • Displays Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Great way to heat up the shield to prevent fogging
  • Helmet, gloves and shoes included with sterilizer: No, but we certainly can help you with this

But there are some measures you can take to slow down that process and save yourself some money. First step: use nomex-safe washes like Molecule. Second, keep your gear dry and fresh with the Multi-Equipment Dryer from Simpson. Perspiration and bacteria, as it sits in your helmet, gloves, socks, and shoes over time, can quicken the process of erosion. If you want to combat this and keep your equipment in peak condition for longer periods of time, stop the mildew and mold before it begins. 

Simpson Disinfecting Equipment Dryer Application:
The most popular way to use the Simpson Equipment Dryer is on your helmet. Simplly place your helmet on the Simpson dryer and press start. The pre-programmed schedule will first de-ionize, push heated air and then dry air through your helmet.

Simpson Disinfecting Equipment Dryer Gloves Application:
Change the dual output helmet base to the individual bases and now you can easily kill bacteria, heat and dry your racing gloves. Get that fresh-out-of-the-dryer feeling without destroying your gloves.

Simpson Disinfecting Equipment Dryer Boots Application:
Not just for your auto racing boots, but motocross, ski, cycle or favorite Nike VaporFly 4% running shoes. Kill the stench and keep your kicks fresh.

Ever notice how an ice cold coke can will bead up and sweat in the sun? Temp changes do the same thing to your helmet shield in intense temperatures. The Simpson Multi-Equipment Dryer has temp control to warm up your helmet on cold days, preventing a foggy shield on track. This is just one of the many benefits of using a temp-controlled multi-equipment dryer.

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