COBB Accessport V3 w-PDK Flash for Porsche (991.1- 991.2) GT3-GT3RS
COBB COBB Accessport V3 w-PDK Flash for Porsche (991.1- 991.2) GT3-GT3RS $3,025.00
COBB Accessport w/PDK Flash for Porsche GT3/GT3RS FITS: Porsche 991.1 GT3 (2013-2016) Porsche 991.1 GT3RS (2015-2017) Porsche 991.2 GT3 (2017-2019) Porsche 991.2 GT3RS (2018-2019) The in-cabin mountable Accessport V3 has a large, full color, high resolution screen allowing you to monitor up to six parameters in real time. Fully customizable from the look (multiple bezel colors), layout (set up a race, street or dyno gauge cluster) and mounting options (choose from lots of standard vehicle mounts). Of course, the best part is the incredible COBB tuning included. The Accessport V3 has enough space for 100 calibrations. The new Accessport V3 is most likely the last one you'll ever need. WARNING: Installation of this Accessport over anything other than OEM or COBB software may result in ECU/TCU failure. WHY CHOOSE COBB? The Accessport V3 is the world's best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution for Porsche. Unlock power and performance hidden within the OEM engine and PDK mapping by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Upgrade forever with off-the-shelf (OTS) calibrations from COBB for most bolt-on modifications. It's the last engine management solution you'll ever need. The Porsche PDK dual-clutch transmission is one of the best OEM street car transmissions money can buy. But that doesn t mean it can t be a little bit better. The PDK upgrade for the Accessport V3 allows the owner to apply an improved calibration to the PDK as well as the ECU, resulting in an enhanced shift schedule during high throttle driving conditions while maintaining the tame but crisp behavior of the stock setup for normal driving. FEATURES Larger, full color, higher resolution screen Customizable multi-gauge display In vehicle mount, with on/off switch User-customizable start-up screen Interchangeable faceplates 50 STATE LEGAL This part is legal for sale and use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles in all 50 states when used in accordance with the manufacturer's application guide because it has a California Air Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order (EO) number: D-660-58.