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Stilo Acrysol Visor Cleaner


Stilo Visor Cleaner

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Stilo helmet visors have a special anti-fog coating that is harmed by any type of ammonia, acidic, or even vinager based cleaners. The only safe way to clean a Stilo visor is with this very fast drying, ultra-purified solvent based cleaner.

Stilo Visor Cleaner Details:

  • Manufacturer: Stilo
  • Manufacturer part number: YA0640
  • Size: 20 oz
  • Aerosol: Yes
  • Approved by Stilo: Yes

Acrysol is commonly used in premium auto body shops. Used primarily for body panel degreasing prior to top color coat application, and is the official Stilo visor cleaner.

How do you clean a Stilo Visor? We prefer to remove the shield from the helmet and spray a wet mist amount on the inside first. Then quickly and lightly, use a single wiping action to to go from one side to the other going the long way. We then turn the visor over and repeat using the single swipe method. If debris/mud/etc remain, repeat until perfect. This is the Official certified cleaning agent that will keep your vision perfect in front and the competition behind and not damage your special anti-fog coating.

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