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Bell M.8 Helmet SA2020



Helmet Size

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Bell Racing Helmets M.8 SA2020 Helmet

The Bell Racing Helmets M.8 Composite Helmet SA2020 succeeds the Bell M-Series Concept, ideal for racers who want a larger field of vision (perfect for eyeglass wearers) along with the latest Bell performance and styling. The Bell M.8 Composite has traditional styling while offering a wide range of updated features for all types of racing: open wheel, closed car, karting, and more.

The lightweight composite shell, Comfort-Plus FR interior, manual air intake vents, and bigger eye opening all contribute to superior protection, comfort, and air flow to keep you safe and cool under pressure.


  • Gloss White
  • Matte Black


  • Snell SA2020 homologation.

  • All sizes are in centimeters.

  • SRV-8 3mm SRV clear shield (SRV-1 pivot system).

  • Lightweight composite shell with high-pressure molding system for improved shell strength.

  • High-impact, multi-piece, multi-density custom bead absorbing liner improves low- and high-velocity impact protection.

  • Install integrated radio microphone, drinking tube systems (both sold separately) with integrated channels in the facepiece.

  • Black Comfort-Plus FR interior fabric for excellent moisture wicking and durable quality.

  • Multi-foam density standard interior for superior fit.

  • Optimum airflow ventilation system with direct-flow chin bar vents, manual level air intake vents.

  • Air, dirt, and water won't get past the hollow synthetic rubber gasket seal.

  • Larger eyeport than many other models.

  • M6 terminal hardware and hex wrench to install your Head and Neck Restraint Device

How to measure your head to find the correct size for a Bell M.8 Helmet

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