Bell SE03 Helmet Shields (Fits GP.3, GTX.3, HP3) 1 "a"



Bell SE03 Helmet Shields (Fits GP.3, GTX.3, HP3)




Bell SE03 Helmet Shields (Fits GTX.3, GP.3, HP3)

Bell SE03 Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) helmet shields are specifically designed for the SA2015 Bell GP.3 and GTX.3 helmets (including carbon fiber models), and the SA2010 Bell HP3 Carbon Helmet. The Double Screen Anti-Fog treatment features variable thickness that exceeds 5mm in the field of vision for excellent clarity and fog-control. Bell recommends that you periodically change shields for better vision and safety. All shields come with adjustable tear-off posts. (Tear-offs not included.)


  • Clear
  • High-Resolution Amber
  • Light Smoke
  • Dark Smoke
  • Blue Chrome
  • Silver Chrome
  • Gold Chrome
  • Rainbow Mirror
  • Red Metallic
  • Multilayer Red, Blue or Green

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