Bosch 82mm Porsche Throttle Body 1 "a"


Bosch 82mm Porsche Throttle Body


Bosch 82mm Throttle Body for Porsche

Genuine Bosch 82mm throttle body made in Germany. Used as original equipment on the GT3 and some Porsche Turbos, this throttle body is also used with many IPD Competition Plenums to dramatically increase horsepower and torque in Porsches originally equipped with smaller throttle bodies and restrictive intake systems.

Don't fall for cheap knock-offs; they're out there, but they'll give you nothing but trouble. Especially if you run your Porsche at the track where heat becomes a factor. Bosch is the OEM throttle body on all Porsches, including track animals like the GT3 and GT3RS, and can be relied upon to work flawlessly under any conditions.

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