Chillout Systems 3" Air Duct Plenum 1 "a"


Chillout Systems 3" Air Duct Plenum


Chillout Motorsports 3" Air Duct Plenum connects to your Cooling System, efficiently increasing cooling performance whilst simultaneously reducing amp draw from your electrical system.

The plenum is designed to fit the intake side of your Quantum Cooler, allowing for much cooler air to be forced through the system via the 3" duct. A 200 CFM blower (Minimum) is required in conjunction with the plenum for the best performance.

The 3" Air Duct Plenum attaches via the plenum holder found on the front of the Quantum Cooler systems (V2 and above), creating a seal to keep the cooler pressurized with the cool air. Forcing cool air through the system and out through the exhaust side of the cooler is the most efficient way to reach maximum cooling - no wasted cool air, and the cooling shirt system appreciates every bit of cool air it can get.


  • 3" Air Duct Plenum

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