Chillout Systems 4" Carbon Fiber NACA Duct 1 "a"


Chillout Systems 4" Carbon Fiber NACA Duct


Chillout Systems 4" Carbon Fiber NACA Duct

Ultralight weight and wind tunnel tested, the Chillout 4-inch NACA duct provides over 55% more airflow than a standard 3-inch NACA duct. Used in conjunction with 4-inch Neoprene Air Duct Hose and a 4-inch Chillout Carbon Fiber Plenum (both available in the drop downs above), the Chillout Carbon Fiber NACA Duct results in maximum cooling efficiency for your cooling system.

Chillout Systems 4" Carbon FIber NACA Duct Details:

  • Manufacturer: Chillout Systems
  • Manufacturer part number: NP-4
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Hose Outlet Diameter: 4"
  • Color: Carbon Fiber

NACA ducts bring air into a vehicle with a minimal increase in external drag. The purpose of a NACA duct is to increase the flow rate of air while not disturbing boundary layer airflow over your vehicle's exterior. When the cross-sectional flow area of the duct is increased, you decrease the static pressure and make the duct into a vacuum cleaner (without the drag effects of a standard scoop). The reason why the duct is narrow, then suddenly widens in a graceful arc is to increase the cross-sectional area slowly so that airflow doesn t separate and cause turbulence and drag.


  • Dry carbon fiber for light weight and durability.
  • Wind tunnel tested.
  • 55% more airflow than 3" NACA duct.
Chillout Cooler sold separately.

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