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Chillout Systems Quantum Cooling Package


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Chillout Systems Complete Quantum Cooling Kit

This Discovery Parts-exclusive kit contains everything required for a complete installation of the amazing Chillout Systems Quantum driver cooling system. Optional equipment is also available.


  • Chillout Systems Quantum Cooler
  • Power Cable
  • Mounting Tray (choose steel or carbon fiber)
  • Chilllout Club Series cooling shirt
  • Chillout Systems Coolant Formula - 1.5 Liter
  • Chillout Systems 6-Foot Insulated Coolant Hose
  • 40-Amp Inline Fuse (install within 6 inches of power source)


  • Quantum Pro Cooler (see details below)
  • 10-Foot Insulated Coolant Hose
  • Insulated Y-Hose for driver/co-driver cooling
  • Upgrade to Pro Touring SFI shirt
  • Air Duct Plenum (increases air flow & cooling capacity): Use in conjunction w/ NACA duct and hose
  • MUST SELECT ONE: Dual Prong Connector or Rapid Release Connector (Rapid Release includes roll bar and flush mounts, easy push-on connection, emergency pull release)
  • Wired remote control
  • Second Vehicle Kit (includes mounting tray, wiring harness, fuse and relay)

What makes the Chillout Systems Quantum Cooler superior to other driver cooling systems?

  • Complete control coolant temperature, not just the flow of cold liquid.
  • Bright, easy-to-read digital display on the cooler or control via a mountable remote control unit.
  • Requires 25% less space to mount, fits nearly any vehicle!
  • Say goodbye to the hassle and weight of ice and water; Chillout System weighs far less than any competing system.
  • A 1.5 liter coolant pack lasts most drivers an entire season!
  • With our Second Vehicle Kit, your cooler can be hot-swapped to another car in under two minutes

Quantum Pro vs Quantum V3:

The Quantum Pro offers several additional features versus the Quantum V3, including:

  • Full color LCD display with extensive data.
  • Internal bypass valve that eliminates the need for a coolant loop. System continues to cool the reservoir even when the shirt is disconnected.
  • Dual 4-inch 220 cfm brushless fans.
  • 50% larger condenser vs V3.
  • 25% larger evaporator vs V3.
  • LiPo / Li-ion battery support outlet at 24 volts. Supports parallel power at 12 and 24 volts simultaneously, no downtime between power sources.
  • Coolant reservoir has double the capacity at 13 oz.
  • Eco mode maintains system under 18 Amps at all times.
  • Carbon Fiber mounting plate, further reducing weight and heat-soak.
  • Two flow sensors monitor both sides of the flow valves for easy troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • IP65 rating.

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