Ferodo FCP4611W DS1.11 BMW M235i, M3 F80, M4 F82 Front Brake Pads 1 "a"


Ferodo FCP4611W DS1.11 BMW M235i, M3 F80, M4 F82 Front Brake Pads


Ferodo FCP4611W DS1.11 Brake Pads

Fitting many BMW M235, M3 F80, and M4 F82 calipers, the Ferodo FCP 4611W in the DS1.11 compound is a long duration endurance race pad that is also used in the Red Group of advanced track day drivers. Featuring a flat torque curve with an intermediate profile, the Ferodo DS1.11 is repeatable across the entire temperature range, making it a great choice for many track drivers and racers.

Ferodo FCP4611W DS1.11 Brake Pad Set Details:

  • Manufacturer: Ferodo
  • Manufacturer part number: FCP 4611W-N
  • Primary Use: Heavy Duty Endurance
  • Application: All vehicle types
  • Average Coefficient of Friction: 0.46
  • Temperature Range C: 200 - 750 C
  • Temperature Rance F: 392 - 1382 F
  • Thickness: .709"
  • Thickness: 18mm

Ferodo DS1.11 Brake Compound Details:

The Ferodo DS1.11 is a long duration endurance pad with an incredible flat torque curve across the workable range of 392 to 1382 . Designed to put you on the podium of your next World Racing League race, the Ferodo DS1.11 is a track only pad that is designed for repeatable stopping performance and feel across a very wide temperature spectrum. The Ferodo DS1.11 brake compound makes the chassis repeatable in every brake zone, lap after lap.

The cold friction profile of the Ferodo DS1.11 is predictable and grows linear as your pad heats up with very good fade resistance all the way to its maximum 1382 F limit. Another common use of the Ferodo DS1.11 is an advanced track day driver in the red group in a well set-up chassis with sticky rubber and aero.

Ferodo FCP4611W DS1.11 Cross Referance:

  • Pagid: U4931

Ferodo FCP4611W DS1.11 Front Axle Fitment:

  • Alpina B3[E90/E92] 2007 - 2011
  • BMW M135i [F20 & F21] 2011
  • BMW M235i [F22] 2013
  • BMW M3 [F80] 2014
  • BMW M4 [F82] 2014

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