Ferodo FCP4663 BMW M235i, M2, M3, M4 Rear Brake Pads 1 "a"



Ferodo FCP4663 BMW M235i, M2, M3, M4 Rear Brake Pads



Ferodo FCP4663 Brake Pad Set BMW Fitment  BMW M235, M2, M3 and M4 rear calipers

    Released in 2019, the DS3.12 represents the latest advancement in Ferodo's renowned DS line. In the realm of sports cars, the demands placed on brake systems have intensified, with increased horsepower, sophisticated aerodynamics, higher curb weights, and stickier tires. Addressing these demands head-on, the Ferodo DS3.12 is a modern pad compound meticulously designed to cater explicitly to these challenges. Extensive testing has revealed that, among all pad compounds from various manufacturers, the DS3.12 exhibits the most consistent torque curve across a wide temperature range. Consequently, whether you're tackling turns, driving on any track or completing lap after lap, the brake pedal response remains remarkably consistent, offering exceptional reliability and repeatability. With a higher mu (friction coefficient) compared to Ferodo's other compounds, the DS3.12 requires less leg pressure to initiate the desired braking performance. Furthermore, it exhibits superior fade resistance, ensuring optimal performance at any temperature your brakes may encounter. Dyno testing has demonstrated that the DS3.12 maintains superior wear rates while being gentle on the discs. As a result, we anticipate the DS3.12 will establish itself as the benchmark against which other race compounds are measured.

    The DS1.11, in contrast to the DS3.12, possesses a lower mu at all temperatures, making it a moderate mu pad in the realm of endurance racing compounds. It necessitates greater pedal force compared to the DS3.12 and exhibits a slight decline in torque as temperatures rise. Consequently, as you push deeper into a turn with increasing heat, you may find yourself applying more pressure on the brake pedal to achieve the same response—a sensation preferred by some drivers. Certain drivers find the DS1.11 to be more manageable when using street tires, particularly as it is less prone to activating the ABS system. While the DS1.11 offers a longer lifespan compared to many other pad compounds on the market, it falls slightly short of the longevity of the DS3.12. When maintained with a proper pad transfer layer, it remains gentle on discs even at elevated track temperatures. While the DS1.11 boasts excellent maximum temperature tolerance and fade resistance, it does not quite reach the same levels as the DS3.12. To date, we have not received reports of fading issues with the DS1.11, and most individuals differentiate between the DS1.11 and DS3.12 based on their respective tactile experiences.

    While we always recommend using dedicated race pads for track use, the DS2500 stands out as one of the premier hybrid street/track pads available. It combines the advantages of a track pad, such as a moderately high bite and solid fade resistance, with the comparatively lower levels of dust and noise typically associated with street pads. As a street pad, it may produce some squealing noise in specific vehicle applications, particularly when driven aggressively. For individuals who engage in spirited street driving, canyon runs, autocross, and occasional light track duty on street tires, the DS2500 is hard to surpass.


    The Ferodo DSUNO is a predictable mid-endurance compound designed for repeatable stopping, lap after lap. Featuring one of the flattest torque curves of the Ferodo brake pad line, the Ferodo DSUNO is a mid-distance endurance compound with an average coefficient of friction of 0.48µ across the workable range of 392 to 1382 F.

    The cold friction profile of the Ferodo DSUNO is low, proper bedding and warm-up is recommended for optimum performance all the way to its maximum 1382 F limit. The Ferodo DSUNO is a popular choice in brake pads for many track drivers and endurance racers.

    However, when employed on the track by cars weighing over 3,000 lbs., featuring high horsepower and R Compound tires, the DS2500 tends to exhibit significantly higher wear rates compared to Ferodo Racing's other compounds. If extended wear rates are a priority under these conditions, Essex recommends considering the Ferodo DS1.11 or DS3.12 as alternatives.

      Ferodo FCP4663H Brake Pad Rear Axle Fitment:

      • 2012 BMW 335 Sedan F30 Exc M Sport Brakes
      • 2013 BMW 335 Sedan F30 Exc M Sport Brakes
      • 2012 BMW 335 Sedan F30 M Sport Brakes
      • 2015 BMW M3 F80 Iron Discs
      • 2015 BMW M4 F82 Iron Discs
      • 2014 BMW M3 F80 Iron Discs
      • 2014 BMW M4 F82 Iron Discs
      • 2016 BMW M235 F22
      • 2015 BMW M235 F22
      • 2016 BMW M3 F80 Iron Discs
      • 2016 BMW M4 F82 Iron Discs
      • 2016 BMW M2 All
      • 2017 BMW M2 All
      • 2017 BMW M3 F80 Iron Discs
      • 2017 BMW M4 F82 Iron Discs
      • 2018 BMW M2 F87 All
      • 2018 BMW M3 F80 Iron Discs
      • 2018 BMW M4 F82 Iron Discs

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