Ferodo FRP3144ZB DSUNO AP CP9660 & CP9661 Brake Pad 1 "a"


Ferodo FRP3144ZB DSUNO AP CP9660 & CP9661 Brake Pad


Ferodo FRP3144ZB-N DS2500 Compound

Ferodo FRP3144H-N in the DSUNO compound became an instant favorite. Ferodo Racing has made great strides in pad development and DSUNO is their latest offering. For our customers who enjoy the performance of the DS1.11, but just want a little more bite, we recommend the DSUNO. Faster wearing vs DS1.11, but it does offer higher torque for the shortest of braking distances.

Ferodo FRP3144ZB-N Details:

  • Manufacturer: Ferodo
  • Manufacturer part number:¬†FRP3144ZB-N MTO .709
  • Fits AP CP5060 D54, AP CP5555 D54, AP CP 9660 D54 and AP CP 9661 D54¬†
  • Thickness of backing plate and pad material: .709" (18mm)
  • Radial Depth: 54mm
  • Average Coefficient of Friction: 0.48
  • Temperature Range C: 200¬∞ - 700¬∞ C
  • Temperature Rance F: 394¬∞ - 1292¬∞ F

Ferodo FRP3144ZB-N Fitment Front Axle:

  • AP Racing CP5060 D54¬†
  • AP Racing CP5555 D54
  • AP Racing CP9660 D54
  • AP Racing CP9661 D54

Ferodo FRP3144ZB-N Cross Reference:

  • AP Racing: CP3894D54
  • Brembo: B51
  • Carbotech CT7790A
  • Cobalt: AP19
  • Hawk: HB109
  • Pagid: U1903
  • PFC:¬†7790.XX.18
  • We believe the above information is correct, but have not checked every brand fitment. Please verify the above part numbers before purchase.¬†

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