Hans Gel Padding Set 1 "a"



Hans Gel Padding Set



Hans Device Gel Padding Set

Designed for endurance racers or anyone who would like added comfort from their HANS device, the HANS Gel Pad upgrade kit is for you.

Hans device Gel Padding Set Details:

  • Manufacturer: Hans
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • Attachment: Velcro
  • Manufacturer part number black: K9010
  • Manufacturer part number red: K9025
  • Manufacturer part number blue: K9012
  • Manufacturer part number yellow: K9013

Not just for body builder/swimmer body shapes, the HANS gel padding kit is also for anyone with any previous shoulder surgeries/stainless/titanium or other upgrades. The Hans Accessory Gel Padding Set for HANS Devices includes two Shoulder Pads. Soft medical grade gel pad may address comfort concerns, especially from those with a ridge where a broken collar bone has healed. Fits medium and large devices only.

Hans Gel Padding Set is a racer's favorite. Make your HANS more comfortable with Hans Gel Padding. Medical grade gel padding feels great even after a double stint in the your next endurance race.

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