Lifeline FIA 8874-2019 LED Rain Light 1 "a"


Lifeline FIA 8874-2019 LED Rain Light


Lifeline FIA LED Rain Light

The Lifeline FIA 8874-2019 LED rain light was developed for the highest levels of international and national motorsport use. Holding the FIA MSA/RWL/36/14 homologation for competition use by the MSA and FIA, you will see this Lifeline FIA LED rain light on various LMP2 and GTE vehicles in WEC to Prototypes, GTLM, and GT3 vehicles in IMSA.

Lifeline FIA LED Rain light Details:

  • Manufacturer: Lifeline
  • Manufacturer part number: 421-100-011
  • FIA Homologation Standard: 8874-2019
  • FIA Tech List 76 approved
  • Display: Light Emitting Diode
  • Number of LEDs: 11
  • Number of Circuits: 3
  • View Angle: +/- 20 deg
  • Light Output: 3269Cd Average
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to + 60 degC
  • Fixing: M6 Bolt
  • Dimensions: 62 c 100 x 21.5mm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Power Supply: External 9 to 14 Vdc
  • Power Consumption: 8.4W, 700mA @12v
  • Flash: 4Hz

The Lifeline 421-100-0011 LED rain light has a light output of 3269cd (more than 3.5x the competition), this light is intensely bright and extremely visible. The 4Hz flash mode meets the latest FIA standard, flashing between full power and 40% to ensure constant visibility. With a working voltage of 9 Vdc through 14 Vdc at with a miniscule 700mA draw, this rain light has become the rain light of choice of racers with very small alternators or racers running off the battery alone.

Lifeline FIA LED Rain Light Benefits:

  • Extremely high brightness
  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust
  • Submersible / Waterproof
  • Vibration resistant
  • Overheat protected
  • Replaceable protective screen

The Lifeline LED Rain Light has an estimated 35,000 hour life - approximately 3.5 times more than the typical competitor. Made with an engineered aluminum heatsink base and 100% weatherproof connectors, this piece is designed to last in the most demanding conditions.

Flashing rain lights are now mandated by several North American racing series and are highly recommended when stalled on the grid, driving slowly with a misfire or puncture, or during a safety car or red flag period to aid in visibility and prevent impact.

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