Longacre Clamp-On Spot Mirror Clamp (1.50" Clamp) 1 "a"


Longacre Clamp-On Spot Mirror Clamp (1.50" Clamp)


Longacre Clamp-On Spot Mirror (1.50")

Adjustable spot mirror clamps securely onto any 1.50" OD tubing. This mirror is often mounted on the A-pillar of your roll cage, inside the race car to reduce aerodynamic drag by removing the OEM external side mirror while also providing improved rearward vision. It can be mounted on either the driver or passenger side.

The Longacre Clamp-On Spot Mirror is 3.75" in diameter with a convex shape to give you a wide field of view. Easily adjusted, the mirror is designed to resist vibrations and locks firmly in place.

Longacre Clamp-On Spot Mirror Details:

  • Manufacturer: Longacre
  • Manufacturer part number: 52-22549
  • Mirror diameter: 3.75"
  • Mirror shape: convex
  • Mounting bracket: machined billet aluminum, fits 1.50" OD tubing

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