Longacre Flip-up Start/Ignition 1 Accy Alum Panel 1 "a"


Longacre Flip-up Start/Ignition 1 Accy Alum Panel


Longacre Aluminum Flip-up Start / Ignition Panel

Complete ready to install Aluminum switch panel with flip-up ignition switch (with red switch guard), push-button starter switch and one accessory switch all in one pre-wired panel assembly. The ignition and accessory switches have a pilot light that turns on when the system is on and complete making the Longacre 44866 switch panel a crew chief's best friend.

These 40 amp, 12 V Longacre switch panels come pre-wired and all connections are soldered and heat-shrunk. These Longacre switch panels have silicone rubber switch covers on the accessory switches and plug into Longacre wiring harnesses. These switch panels are weatherproof, high-capacity ignition switch and aircraft-style covers.

Longacre Aluminum Flip-up Start/Ignition Panel Details:

  • Manufacturer: Longacre
  • Manufacturer part number: 44866
  • Switch Panel Style: Dash mount
  • Number of Switches: 3
  • Fused Circuits: No
  • Circuit Breaker Included: No
  • Lighted: Yes
  • Wiring Harness Included: Yes
  • Relay Included: No
  • Accessory Switch Style: Toggle switch
  • Starter Switch Included: Yes
  • Starter Switch Style: Push button
  • Switch Panel Material: Aluminum
  • Switch Panel Finish: Black
  • Width (in): 5.125 in.
  • Height (in): 3.625 in.
  • High capacity (40 amp at 12 volts) ignition switch with aircraft style cover and pilot light - Easy to turn off in an emergency from any angle, even with gloves. Will not turn off from vibration.
  • Silicone rubber weatherproof ignition switch cover included - to keep out dirt and moisture
  • Starter button with weatherproof cover
  • 1 accessory switches with silicone rubber switch covers and pilot lights
  • Great looking Aluminum Panel - black anodized with clean, modern graphics
  • Pre-wired with high insulation "Fat" wires and soldered terminals with heat shrink connections

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