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Necksgen REV 2 Lite Head Restraints



NecksGen REV 2 Lite Head & Neck Restraint

NecksGen REV 2 Lite Head & Neck Restraints are safe, incredibly lightweight, and the most comfortable HNR we've worn. At 1.2 lbs (540 grams), the NecksGen REV 2 Lite is as light as, or lighter than, many high-end carbon fiber HNR devices while offering the same level of protection and SFI certification. In addition to the quality you expect from NecksGen, the REV 2 Lite features a new adjustable tether system and higher belt guides to keep the driver securely in position in the event of a variety of impact angles and situations.

NecksGen REV 2 Lite Head Restraints have rubber-grip friction pads to keep your device snug and secure on your shoulders for each race. The improved shoulder/clavicle pads are supremely comfortable without adding bulk.

NecksGen REV 2 Lite comes with free re-certifications.


  • Impact Protection: NecksGen REV 2 Lite provides superior lateral and angular impact protection.
  • Comfort: Without a frontal yoke, NecksGen REV 2 Lite eliminates pressure on the driver collar bone and body. A low-profile design allows for a full range of head motion without rear or forward helmet interference.
  • Clearance: The device low-profile design allows for improved movement, meaning the seat and helmet will have minimal interference when the Necksgen REV 2 Lite is used in the driving position.
  • Single Tether: A single, self-aligning helmet tether allows for a full range of head motion while driving, while also providing superior side impact safety.


NecksGen REV 2 Lite Head & Neck Restraints are made in America using the newest lightweight, extremely strong carbon fiber composite Dupont material. All NecksGen head and neck restraints have passed the mandated SFI 38.1 testing procedures. These American-made devices have tested well beyond our own expectations to become the shop favorite!


  • SFI 38.1 certification
  • Quick-release helmet hardware (including anchor posts for your helmet)
  • Extremely light weight: 540g (1.2 lb) versus 775 to 815g (1.7-1.8 lb) for comparably-priced HNR
  • NecksGen decal kit
  • NecksGen patch

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