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OMP HTE Evo Racing Seat


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OMP HTE EVO Racing Seat

Innovative ultra-protective shell inspired by the multi world champion OMP HTE ONE seat. High protection and containment, designed to accommodate various heights. 

Larger shoulder belt openings are the first thing you notice about the new OMP HTE Evo. Based off OMP's #1 selling head containment seat, the OMP HTE-R and the multi world championship seat, the OMP HTE ONE. Meeting the stringent FIA 8855-1999 homologation, know OMP has your connection with the car at the highest level.

OMP HTE EVO FIA Race Seat Details:

Manufacturer: OMP
Manufacturer part number: HA/818
Rating: FIA 8855-1999
Cover: Velour and Airnet
Gel coated fiberglass shell

side fixing points
HSC patent compatible
Hans compatible

OMP HTE EVO is the modern update of the HTE-R that was a design taken from the Porsche 996 Cup Car, has been adopted as the seat to have in serious motorsports. Lightweight, covered with Airtex material for breathability and comfort, and bolsters that hold you in make this a favorite in GTS and GT series racers. Back, base, leg and bottom cushions are removable and reposition-able to make fitting the most complicated driver fitment easy.

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