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OMP One Evo X Nomex Gloves - Unleash Your Racing Potential with Style and Precision

Experience the pinnacle of motorsport performance with the OMP EVO X Gloves.The One Evo X from OMP is a top-tier, extremely lightweight glove with pre-curved fingers for supreme comfort on your steering wheel. It's hard to describe just how amazingly lightweight and breathable these gloves are; you have to feel them to believe it! The palm, ball and fingers have an ultra-grippy, raised triangular silicone pattern that's second to none when it comes to maintaining your grip under even the most intense conditions on track.

The One Evo X upper is made from extremely breathable mesh-style and comfortable Nomex material, with an exclusive high-tech palm in silicon rubber proven to give you optimal grip, dexterity and sensitivity. As a top-tier glove, it features external seams to minimize pressure points on your fingers and palm, with an elastic wrist stop for excellent fitting comfort.

Crafted with the highest-quality fire-resistant materials and attaining the FIA 8856-2018 rating, the OMP EVO X Gloves provide exceptional protection against heat and flames, keeping you safe in the most demanding racing environments. Gain confidence and peace of mind, knowing your hands are shielded from potential hazards on the track.

The OMP EVO X Gloves are engineered to deliver superior grip and control. The strategically placed silicone palm and finger grips offer unrivaled traction, enabling you to maintain a firm hold on the steering wheel and handle tools and equipment with precision during critical moments.

These gloves feature a precision fit that hugs your hands, ensuring maximum dexterity and control. The anatomically designed shape and flexible construction allow for unrestricted movement, enabling lightning-fast maneuvers and razor-sharp responsiveness on the track.

Stay cool and focused even during the most intense racing sessions. The OMP EVO X Gloves incorporate breathable materials and ventilation inserts, promoting airflow and preventing excess moisture buildup. Experience unparalleled comfort and concentration as you push the limits of speed.

Make a statement with the OMP EVO X Gloves. Designed with a sleek and modern aesthetic, these gloves exude confidence and professionalism. Stand out from the competition and showcase your commitment to excellence both on and off the track.

Whether you're competing in endurance races or dominating the open track, the OMP EVO X Gloves are your perfect racing companions. These gloves are meticulously crafted to excel in various motorsport disciplines, including Formula 1, GT racing, and more.

We understand the demands of your racing lifestyle. The OMP EVO X Gloves are machine washable, ensuring easy maintenance and quick cleanup between races. Keep your gloves in top condition, ready for your next thrilling adventure.

To guarantee the perfect fit, the OMP EVO X Gloves are available in a range of sizes. Consult our size chart to find the ideal glove size for your hands, ensuring optimal comfort and performance.

Join the ranks of elite racers who trust OMP for their motorsport needs. The OMP EVO X Gloves are the preferred choice of professional drivers worldwide, combining cutting-edge technology, exceptional craftsmanship, and a passion for performance.

Unleash your racing potential with the OMP EVO X Gloves. Elevate your driving experience to unprecedented levels of precision, comfort, and style. Order yours today and become part of the elite fraternity of motorsport professionals who choose OMP as their partner on the road to victory.

The OMP One Evo X glove has quickly become a staff favorite at Discovery Parts, a premium racing glove that truly delivers on all fronts! We are always available to answer all your questions and to help guide you in your selection of the perfect top-rated auto racing glove which will offer the correct size and fitment for you.


Manufacturer: OMP
Manufacturer part number: IB/771
Homologation: FIA 8856-2018
Sizes: XS - XL
Colors: Black, Black/Fluo Yellow, Red, Navy Blue/Cyan, White
Construction: Aggressive use of silicone printing on palms & fingers, external seams for great comfort and tactile feedback, hyper-breathable material used in main construction, and precurved touchscreen-compatible fingers

OMP's One Evo X Glove is the best in the OMP glove line. The OMP One Evo X is a professional-grade racing glove developed with leading F1 drivers, with all the features you'd expect to find in a class-leading glove.

OMP Evo X glove size chart how to measure your hand for the correct size OMP Evo X Glove 

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