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OMP ONE-S Racing Shoes


OMP's newly updated ONE-S Racing Shoes are the Italian racewear maker's top level leather racing boot. These mid cut boots bring professional racing boot specifications into the club racer's budget. They feature the latest OMP styling in soft Italian leather, with flexible rear bellows around the heel for increased mobility and comfort. Internally, the soft knit Nomex lining combines comfort with safety.

Technical reinforcements on the boot tip and the heel add durability, and a new insole with a nylon reinforcement plate gives the driver higher sensitivity and pedal feel along with reduced foot fatigue.

Premium Italian leather ensures that the OMP ONE-S is incredibly comfortable and long-wearing. The outsole of the ONE-S is an injected highly oil-resistant material for better grip. A wide Velcro strap ensures excellent fit and support around the ankle. Thin speed laces make for quick lacing of this professional-leve racing shoe.


  • Main upper constructed from premium Italian leather for exceptional levels of comfort and durability.

  • Pivot-shaped heel for fine pedal control.

  • Technical reinforcement of the boot tip and heel.

  • High-support insole provides highly sensitive pedal feel

  • Oil-resistant outsole for better grip on slippery pedals and surfaces.


  • Certified to FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard.

  • Soft knit Nomex interior lining for excellent fire protection.

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