OMP Pro Mech Nomex Pit Gloves 1 "a"

$99.00 $189.00 -48% OFF


OMP Pro Mech Nomex Pit Gloves

$99.00 $189.00 -48% OFF


OMP Pro Mech Nomex Fire Resistant Mechanic Gloves


Used by professional mechanics the world over, the OMP Pro Mech glove is OMP's best FIA 8856-2000 rated mechanic glove. If you are looking for a profssional level, FIA approved mechanic glove, the OMP Pro Mech features the best in protection of your knuckles, and also three layers of protection in the area between your thumb and forefinger.

OMP Pro Mech mechanics gloves offer excellent protection against fire, heat and impacts, particularly during tire change and refueling pit stops. Keep crew hands safe with durable impact-protection reinforcements on the knuckles and between the thumb and forefinger. Heavy-duty anti-slip silicon rubber palms give you a strong grip on impact wrenches, fuel cans, and other tools of the racing trade. Soft, supple woven Nomex material makes these gloves fire-safe while retaining ease-of-movement.

OMP Pro Mech Nomex FIA Rated Mechanic Glove Details:
Manufacturer: OMP
Manufacturer part number: IB/758
Color: Fluo Yellow
Sizes: S-XL
Construction:  Fire-resistant Nomex construction, High impact-resistant knuckles and thumb area, Anti-slip silicon/rubber palms'
Bright yellow color for easy driver signaling.

omp pro mech glove size chart to help you properly measure your hand to find the perfect size





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