OMP WRC-R Racing Seat (Regular or XL) 1 "a"



OMP WRC-R Racing Seat (Regular or XL)



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OMP WRC-R Racing Seat

SIZES: Regular or XL

The OMP WRC-R Racing Seat offers professional-level features in a classic design with aggressive side and thigh bolsters. Upholstered in OMP's highly breathable Airtex material to keep you cool and improve performance even in the hottest conditions. The WRC-R features removable back/base cushions and a comfortable split-leg bottom cushion. High side-bolsters offer excellent lateral leg support, while the HANS-compatible shoulder harness slots accomodate various driver heights.

OMP WRC-R Seat has a gel-coated fiberglass shell. The OMP WRC-R also has high side bolsters for lateral leg support for higher protection. Removable back, base and leg cushion for maximum individual seating comfort.  One Of The Top Choices In Non-Head Containment FIA Approved Race Seats. OMP WRC-R is similar to the Sparco EVO II race seat, but a little better in all areas. Upholstered in Airtex material for breathable comfort in the hottest of racing conditions.The OMP WRC-R is a great performer, at a price much less than you would expect.

The OMP WRC-R features cushions that are reposition-able and side bolsters are higher and go more forward providing excellent lateral support. The Hans® compatible back with large harness slots ensures proper fitment. 

Available in both Regular and XL sizes (the XL is wider and taller).


  • FIA homologated to 8855-1999 standard
  • Removable cushions in the back, base and split leg
  • High side bolsters for great lateral leg support
  • Large harness slots
  • 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg) Regular
  • 23.5 lbs (10.7 kg) XL


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