Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 8038 1 "a"


Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 8038


PAGID Racing Brake Pads No. 8038

The Pagid 8038 Pagid Racing Brake Pad is used on the Porsche 997 GT3 Cup Grand-Am Spec, 997 GT3 Cup S, and the 997 GT3R (factory race car with the normal caliper) on the front axle. The Pagid 8038 fits the Brembo 07.7293 caliper used on these factory Porsche race cars perfectly. Porsche has won championships in many series with the Pagid 8038 RSL29 compound.

Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 8038 Details:

  • Manufacturer: Pagid
  • Manufacturer part number: 8038RSL29
  • Compound: RSL29
  • Material thickness of pad and friction material: 22 mm
  • Track or Street: Track only

The Pagid RSL 29 is a popular track only race compound that features very good modulation and release characteristics. The friction compound of the RZL29 is a low metallic resin bonded material containing steel and aramid fibers. The friction level of the RSL29 material maintains constant at a low-medium torque level. The Pagid RSL29 has a very easy bedding in behavior, making it a choice for endurance racers and advanced track day drivers.

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