Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 8187 1 "a"



Pagid Racing Brake Pads No. 8187




Make Model Build (Year) Front Rear
McLaren 570 S [ceramic brakes] 15 - X
McLaren 650 S [ceramic brakes] 14 - X
McLaren 675 LT [ceramic brakes] 15 - X
McLaren MP4-12C [ceramic brakes] 11 - 14 X
Amazing track day and club sport material for a wide application range of performance cars.

PAGID Racing RSC compounds are developed to comply with the latest requirements in ceramic composite brake disc technology and meet or surpass all current ecological standards of the automotive industry.

For your McLaren with Ceramic Disc Brakes, the Pagid 8187 comes in the following compounds:
RSC 1:
The Pagid RSC1 is a good street/track compromise for enthusiasts with Carbon-Ceramic Brakes. Used for sprint racing and track days compound with all known types of ceramic brake discs. An ideal combination of cold friction, fade resistance and low thermal oxidation of the disc surface.

RSC 2:
The Pagid RSC2 is a special race compound for ceramic discs with a high content of fibers in the friction surface. A medium-high friction pad with excellent fade resistance and long pad life, developed for sprint and endurance circuit racing.

RSC 3:
The Pagid RSC3 is a high-friction compound developed for ceramic discs. With a high initial bite, strong fade resistance, and slightly shorter pad life than the RSC2, this is Pagid's more aggressive ceramic-rotor racing pad.

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