Racing Radio Foam Earbuds European RCA Male Plug 1 "a"


Racing Radio Foam Earbuds European RCA Male Plug


Racing Radio Foam Ear Buds European RCA Male Plug

Foam driver earpieces for European "RCA" style helmet connection. In the USA we use a male 3.5mm connector to connect to our earbud jack, but in many European series the wiring protocol is based on the RCA style connection. Racing Radios RR-CE31-A/FOAMS-RCA has a 19" wiring lead and industry standard foam earpiece used by Racing Radios for over 30 years.

Racing Radio Foam Ear Buds Details:

  • Manufacturer: Racing Radios
  • Manufacturer part number: CE31/A-FOAMS-RCA
  • Helmet connection: European RCA Male
  • Foam Tipped: Yes
  • Wiring Length: 19"
  • Entry level or Pro: European Pro

This is a very special item only used in European racing series and wil not work with US radio components.

If we look closer at a Racing Radios earpiece, we notice there are quite a few differences. First, the outer foam piece is softer and closer to a smooth/soft material than the harder foam material used by lesser manufacturers. After a year of racing the foam was still soft, but starting to look pretty nasty, so upon trying to remove the foam I noticed that there is a micro drop of glue on the end of the wire to transducer that locked it to the foam earpiece. To remove the foam, I used a new razor blade and cut the foam like a banana and peeled the old foam out of the way. There I could inspect the perfect micro soldering on what is one of the words smallest (transducers) speaker not used for Top Secret surveillance. To install the new foam covers, I use a pair of tweezers to stretch the hole open for 30 seconds and before the hole closes I slide the mini-transducer into the new foam, keeping the end of the sound tube barely covered by the end of the foam. I put a 1/2 a drop of super glue on the wire to foam area and I am done.

Racing Radios is considered the go to for Professional Teams of all series and their quality is second to none. Racing Radios foam earpieces are not the cheapest on the web, but they are the best on the web. Trust Racing Radios for the best in race car driver communication.

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